The Corona Diaries – Day 341

Beautiful sunny day in Yorkshire so we decided to take a carnish pastie and head off for a long walk – up to Driffield and then down past the nature reserves along the canal. We managed to get halfway round and found that the canal had burst it’s banks so we had to turn back. Even so it was a great walk.

Back home I was playing some Yardbirds, reading and now I’m off to watch the rugby!!

After 341 days in isolation it’s rather hard to imagine what normality was like. I think it might have a lasting psychological impact. Will we feel safe going into crowded indoor spaces? Hugging people? Not avoiding people when you are walking past? I don’t know. I guess it will take time to readjust.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland the madness continues. The Trumpists still believe that the election was stolen, that it wasn’t Trumpists who stormed the Capitol but antifa dressed as Trumpists (despite all the indictments to the contrary). They still believe in QAnon and yet claim they stand for the truth. They believe in Jesus and buy guns. They have a new silly conspiracy theory that Trump is going to return to being President on March 3rd (he has a plan) – good luck with that! There is no accounting for ignorance and stupidity. Some people will believe in the nuttiest things.

Here over 18 million people have been vaccinated and they are rolling it out to the over forties. As soon as we get those in their thirties and forties done we should see the rate of new infections come down fast. They are the ones spreading it. The older ones are in isolation like me. The rate is still stubbornly high even though the hospital rate is falling.

The rate is not coming down all over the country. There are hotspots where it is still rising fast.

I haven’t seen any evidence that the new drugs regime is drastically cutting the death rate. I think a lot more work is needed.

We can now start talking about herd immunity. The vaccine has made it a possibility. As long as there aren’t too many antivaxxers we should get our freedom quite soon!! If there are we are going to be isolating a lot longer and a lot more people are going to lose their jobs.

The race is on. We need to get the world vaccinated so that the virus is brought down. The more virus the more mutation the more variants. We might get variants that are lethal and that the vaccine doesn’t work against. That would be disaster. I hope the antivaxxers appreciate that. They have a duty to the rest of the population.

It’s a race.

I cannot understand the antivaxxer position. Surely not too many people believe the silly conspiracy theories?? Surely they cannot now believe the vaccine might be unsafe? With tens of millions vaccinated and no major reactions that seems absurd to me.

Covid is potentially lethal. Long Covid could be debilitating for the rest of your life. If you were going in front of a firing squad and somebody offered you a bullet-proof jacket I think I’d definitely take the jacket. Why wouldn’t you?

This isn’t about freedom – it’s about common sense and responsibility.

I’ve written to Johnson to ask to have Dido Harding transferred to Vietnam or New Zealand. New Zealand had 1 new case of covid yesterday and Vietnam had 5. If Dido was given her 22 billion pounds she might just possibly be able to manage an effective Track and Trace system in either of those countries.

All the best – stay safe and get vaccinated!!!

8 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 341

  1. don’t ignore the biblical reality, or how we got to the madness we are all in, but business as usual going forward, in the past sense of the meaning, won’t happen, a new era is beginning,and hopefully, we will give each other mental space going forward, if you understand bullying, you will get this point clearly, but the Spirit inside so many lives has been crushed for so long,with multitudes of false promises, by one leader after the next, it’s not that unusual for so many to have doubts about the vaccine, 1% own what share of the world, its very unbalanced in all reality, amen. hope you enjoy the game.

      1. That is true. We are in an era of distrust in our institutions. People are turning to superstition and conspiracy. Evil people are manipulating behind the scenes. Dangerous times.

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