Poetry – Welcome to the New Slavery

Welcome to the New Slavery

Welcome to the new slavery!

We work so that others might get paid!

The world is run for the few!

My – how they scream and shout

If you dare to suggest

That any other way will do!

‘It may not be perfect

But ‘the system’ is better than the rest!’

Bellow the media crew.

Shady people press the buttons

To nudge us towards what to believe.

They who own the media own us too.

Unseen fingers control the markets –

Buy and sell us for a song;

Laughing as they tighten the screw.

Dreams, like candy, are passed around

For us to suck in our sleep –

Telling us the lie that we can join them too.

But it’s an exclusive club

And they always guarded it well

So that their fortunes grew.

Trickle down is the new mantra

As they deceive with their lies

And keep us caged within this human zoo.

Opher 18.1.2016

Welcome to the New Slavery

I have arrived at the conclusion that everything we do is for the benefit of a few. We work and they cream off the profits. That is a form of slavery. We prostitute ourselves. We sell our time and bodies.

There are tiers. There are tears.

We are paid well in the west. Our unions have wrestled our wages and conditions out of the hands of the employers. They are not so lucky in the third world. Their labour is cheap, jobs few and numbers many. That is the ideal combination for the capitalist money makers. Those on the bottom tier live in poverty and are grateful for the crumbs.

The capitalists made the system that way.

We live in an age where we can vote on game shows but not on political issues. Democracy via representation is not democracy – not when our representatives can be lobbied, bribed and bought by the corporations.

Democracy is when the voice of the people is making the decisions. I might not like the decisions made by the majority. They might not be arrived at through intelligence or knowledge. They might be spurious, self-centred, ignorant and prejudiced. But I would prefer that to the way it is done right now – controlled by wealthy minds that put up the money for candidates and pull the strings for self-interest.

If I had a choice I’d prefer government through the people that via a small group of the wealthy. The problem then would merely be – who controls the media?

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