The Corona Diaries – Day 334

An overcast but warm day in Yorkshire. I took my daily walk up my hill. I noticed that the banks of snowdrops were just beginning to look jaded, some daffs were open and the lilies were starting to show. It did feel like spring but I bet there are going to be a few cold snaps first!

Back home I’ve been editing and doing a bit of reading. Life goes on in lockdown. It feels a bit like groundhog day. I’m getting deja vu with everything I do.

Out in Coronaland Johnson is preparing for an announcement on coming out of lockdown. I hope they give him an autocue. If he rambles off on his own he’s bound to make a mess up.

With 17 million of our most vulnerable vaccinated (at least with the first jab) things are starting to show improvement. The rates are still high though – another 12,027 new cases yesterday with 538 deaths. No reason to get too complacent. If those numbers had happened in the beginning of the pandemic we would have been scandalised.

There is a case for opening up the economy though. Too many people have been suffering in the entertainment and hospitality industry. What we do know is that the virus does not spread outside so we certainly could have outside meeting up, outside eating and drinking. And we could allow all shops to open.

The big decision is over schools and colleges. They are major spreaders!

It seems quite likely that we are going to have some form of vaccine passport. The government is steering clear but I can see a lot of travel companies, countries and entertainment venues demanding it. That will be interesting for the antivaxxers.

I should be getting my second jab by the beginning of April – hopefully a lot sooner. After that my immunity should be around 96%. That means that I will not be spreading the virus or going down with any severe illness. I see no reason why life life could not get back to normal – whatever anybody else does. It’s the antivaxxers that will have to worry.

The only thing we have to be careful of are the variants!! I just hope that the government gives Track and Trace to the NHS too. They’ve been brilliant with the vaccination. They’d do a far better job with Track and Trace that Dido Harding is doing!!

The virus is prevalent around the world. Many French cities, such as Nice, are having to lockdown. Nobody will be safe until we are all vaccinated – and that means all of the wealthier countries helping the poorer countries vaccinate. The less virus out there the less mutation and the safer we all are.

The next mutation could enable the virus to become more lethal and to attack younger people more. We need to snuff it out!

Speaking of which – the next pandemic is waiting around the corner. We’ve just had the first case of Bird Flu jumping to humans. That does not bode well.

What if the next pandemic is even more infective and much more lethal? Coronavirus will seem like a picnic.

I hope the wealthy countries are putting more money into monitoring potential pandemics and research into a generic antivirus drug. We need an antibiotic for viruses!

So take care!! Kep safe – it look as if the end is coming!

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