The Corona Diaries – Day 322

It rained all morning but the afternoon was sunny so that’s when I took my walk!

In the morning I did some final read-through editing of the Roy Harper book before sending it off and played some Led Zeppelin. All very productive.

It’s now a year since we came back from Brazil. What a strange year that has been. Shortly after we got back home the virus struck and we were in lockdown. Since then the world has turned upside down. The ship we went to Brazil in is now on a beach in India being stripped down and scrapped. Sad. Trump has gone. Not sad. Brexit has happened. Sad. Johnson has balls everything up apart from the vaccination. Sad. We’ve hardly seen friends and family for over a year. Very sad.

We’ve decorated the entire house. I’ve written a few books and read a number . We’ve walked hundreds of miles, sorted lots of photos, watched lots of dramas and generally kept ourselves extremely busy. It’s all getting beyond a joke!!

What I would like to see from this government is a clear plan and strategy. I know, that’s asking a bit much from this bunch of tossers!!

But surely it is not too difficult???

When the level of infections gets down to this level we aim to open schools, at this level we open pubs and restaurants for outside, at this level all entertainment inside.

We’ll monitor closely, use testing, track and isolate to keep on top of it.

When the vaccine has been rolled out to this level we removed all restrictions.

This is how we deal with new strains. This is what we are doing for foreign travel. This is what we are doing at our borders.

It could be simple and coherent and everybody would know where they are.

Instead we have a bunch of fools dithering away, acting behind the curve and confusing everybody.

I think it is the colonial arrogance coming to the fore. We’ve seen it all the way through. ‘This is what the bally Asians are doing with their facemasks, borders and tests. We don’t want to be like them do we?? We’re bally British!! We can handle a bloody virus!!’

Then, a year later, when it’s far too late, we’re told to wear masks, our borders are finally shut and we’re doing what we should have done at the beginning!!

At least the levels of infection are coming down and the vaccination is rolling out. I can see the light!!

Stay safe!! The NHS is coming to the rescue!!

4 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 322

  1. I’ve just got the latest new case counts for my area, broken down by borough. They are at There is no case (no pun intended) for continuing the national lockdown any longer. I’ll publish an article to that effect in the morning.

    If you’re an Excel wiz, I can send you my spreadsheet and you can adapt it to your area. There’s quite a bit of data entry involved though, as don’t provide a spreadsheet of their data.

    1. That sounds interesting Neil. I don’t have the time right now to do much Neil – I’m trying to get this book finished and off to the publishers.

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