The Corona Diaries – Day 330

It felt warm and spring-like in Yorkshire today. The green shoots were showing but there was quite a brisk wind.

I was up early today. My head was full of improvements to the introduction of the Roy Harper book. I was eager to get working on it. I think it’s worked. We’ll see! I’ll let it settle and have a read. Time is running out for me to get it into the publishers.

The next task is to sort the photos that people have been kindly sending in.

It’s great to have interesting, motivating projects like this for me to do in this interminable lockdown. Without my writing I think I really would be miserable.

I walked up my hill in relative warmth!! I wonder how long this will last??

Meanwhile out in Coronaland the two big issues are the lockdown of our borders and the vaccination passport.

The lockdown of borders has been yet another example of government incompetence. Talk about useless. It’s only taken them a year to get around to it. If they had acted back in February of last, when they knew full well what was happening, we wouldn’t be in this mess. Only a year and 119,000 deaths too late!!

Even when they bring it in they do it all wrong. Instead of being fully planned out and thought through it comes across as another mad scheme on the back of a fag packet. They only informed passport control of the red labelled countries 3 hours before it came in leaving them no time to plan and organise. The people coming in were free to mingle with others from other places which rather defeats the object, doesn’t it? The idea is to keep variants out but these variants are popping up all over the world and many have probably not even been reported or recognised yet. We need a blanket ban with tests, and isolation. What we have is a draconian, costly exercise without proper tests and follow up and missing out numerous countries.

I wish they’d get a grip.

As for vaccination passports – it’s not even worth discussing. It’s going to happen whether we like it or not. It is obvious to me that countries are going to require proof of vaccination before allowing entry. Then there are flights, cinemas, stadia, health insurance, restaurants. I can see them all demanding proof. It’s a foregone conclusion not worthy of discussing.

I think there is going to shortly be a big discussion regarding getting back to normal and coming out of lockdown. When all the vulnerable are vaccinated and the evidence is in that vaccinated people don’t spread the disease I think we’ll see a big move to normality. Those at risk from doing that will be the unvaccinated and part of me says that’s their own fault. It’s probably a risk worth taking. What’s life without risk?

I shall certainly be wanting to meet up with friends and family and taking meals outside. If it’s carried out in stages with schools going back and then pubs and restuarants, gigs, theatres, cinemas and pubs. Once I’ve had my second jab I’ll feel a lot safer.

Mind you, with this lot in charge I’m not confident about them being able to get the track and tracing going well enough to mop up the variants. They found a new one today!

So stay safe!! Tomorrow’s a new day!!

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