The Corona Diaries – Day 327

It’s bloody freezing here in Yorkshire! The snow has frozen into ice. There’s a cruel wind from the east.

I didn’t go on my usual walk up my hill. The road was too icy and treacherous. Instead I walked the back lanes. At least they were flat and there was less chance of a broken arm.

Back home I’ve been playing Roy Harper’s Work Of Heart album. Very uplifting. Through all the trials and tribulation here in mushroom valley in the cold!

Meanwhile out in Coronaland the variants are spreading. It looks as though we are in a race. Can we vaccinate faster than the virus mutates? If the variants take over and become the most dominant the vaccines become less effective.

There is a lot of positive news though. The number of new cases continues to go down slowly. 13,308 new cases with 621 deaths. Still much too high. There are hopes that the number vaccinated will soon start to have a big impact on the virus. With fourteen and a half million vaccinations already carried out it will start to have an effect. The hope is that we can get enough people vaccinated to reach herd immunity. With a projected uptake of 81% that looks likely. That would get us back to normal.

Looking around the world at the projected uptake it is quite salutary. In the UK we have 19% who say they will not take the vaccine. Are they nuts? Would they rather have Covid? Or are they expecting everybody else to take the vaccine and thus keep them safe? Sounds a bit selfish to me!!

In the States it is even worse. Despite all the deaths – 481,000 so far – with another 5,463 yesterday (Trump has so much to answer for!!) – 34% (over a third) are still saying they won’t be taking the vaccine. I think America has completely gone mad. People are arming themselves. I am hearing from American friends fear of Trumpist threats. Anyone who opposes Trump is being intimidated and threatened. They still believe what the orange fascist tells them. Half of them still believe Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos is behind it all – implanting tracking devices. They are nuts.

These conspiracy theories are going to make the whole world unsafe!!

The sooner we bring in a vaccination passport so only vaccinated people can travel, visit cinemas or restaurants the better. I certainly don’t want to share a room with people who are potentially pouring out viruses!

The other statistic that sounded a bit ominous was that 20% of covid ill people seem to suffer long covid. That’s a lot of people.

I’m so glad I’m vaccinated. If I do catch it from one of the unvaccinated fools at least I won’t get it too severely.

Johnson was optimistic about relaxing lockdown. I hope they’ve learnt from last time. They tried to do it too quickly and too irresponsibly and ended up with a second wave that has killed another 70,000 people!

We need to look at New Zealand and Vietnam – they haven’t had a single death for months!

Get the numbers down to very low numbers. Monitor borders closely. Stamp out outbreaks with stringent testing, track and trace and isolation, local lockdowns. Keep on top of it.

By all means open up hospitality – outside! Not inside. Lets have outside gigs, outside drinking, outside meals, outside meeting up, and keep all inside meeting up for the future when we have it firmly back in its box!

I notice that there is talk of new game-changing drugs to treat the disease – the arthritis drug for starters. That’s great. They say they are fast-tracking it but it is still going to take months. Why so long???

Johnson says that we’ll have to learn to live with it. That there will be booster jabs in the autumn to deal with the variants.

I can handle that. I want my life back and that means vaccination that is up to date and effective against all variants. I want to be able to meet up and travel with confidence.

Nothing that Johnson says or does fills me with confidence!! He’s a lying, incompetent clown disguised as a haystack!!

Could be worse I suppose. The impeachment of Trump is going on in the States. Any senators who look as if they might impeach their darling fascist thug of a leader are being threatened. They fear for their, and their families’ lives. At least we haven’t descended to that sad state.

We’ll see if sanity reigns of the Republicans are going to roll over and pay homage to the orange Nazi.

Stay Safe (particularly my American friends). It’s always darkest before dawn!!

6 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 327

  1. Well Opher, I’m in the 19%. I’ve been offered a jab but have chosen not to take it up – yet, at least. Remember that I’m certain I had the damned thing more than a year ago!

    There are several arguments for my position. One, back in 1967 the boarding school I was at gave compulsory flu jabs to all pupils. The result was a flu epidemic in the school – the worst flu I ever had. They never did that again! Two, around the same time, there was a program in the USA to inoculate people against swine flu. It was abandoned after it was found that the vaccine wasn’t effective anyway. But, so I heard, several hundred people died from side-effects of that vaccine. Three, are you not aware that Johnson and co have given vaccine manufacturers immunity from prosecution for damage caused by their vaccine? Not indemnity – which would mean government picks up the tab for damage claims – but full immunity. That violates the whole idea of the rule of law.

    In other news, I’ve met the white goose again. See here:

    1. Very silly Neil. The vaccine is very safe. Compared to the risk of getting Covid there is no contest!.
      I’ve had every jab imaginable. Done a lot of travelling. I’d much rather a bad effect from a jab than the disease. No contest.
      Besides, in order to stop the virus mutating into much more serious forms we need eradicate it. That needs herd immunity. Now’s not the time for cowardice.
      Of course they give the firms freedom from prosecution. There will be a few adverse reactions. Some people are old and frail.
      If we didn’t have vaccination billions would have died from smallpox, diphtheria, whooping cough, scarlet fever, cholera, polio and tuberculosis. Just look at what life was like before vaccines. Every family had kids dying.
      Get vaccinated Neil. Save yourself and help your community. I want my freedom!!

      1. Opher, I think you’re missing the bigger picture when you focus merely on the vaccine side-effects (or lack of them). Over the past 30 years +, the political class have steadily been trashing our civil liberties – not to mention our economy, our careers and our lifestyles, too. Yes, the Tories have done even more of this than Labour – but that’s only because they have been in power more of the time than Labour. It’s time for people – a significant number of people – to get together and say No.

        This could shape up to be a perfect issue for this to happen. There is no objective reason to require anyone to be vaccinated. Since the vaccine does not stop you getting the virus, and does not stop you from passing it on, the only thing it can do for you is make you less likely to get seriously ill (and so less likely to die of it). This means herd immunity will be achieved come what may. The only people who will suffer are those who choose not to take the vaccine, and then subsequently get the virus. This makes it the individual’s decision – there is no “help your community” about it. If Johnson and co decide to go for some bureaucratic scheme that has the effect of taking away yet more civil liberties from the proud people who choose to stand up against them, and if it is a disaster – as it will be, if it goes ahead – that could cause a significant change in the mood of the public as a whole. Away from repression, and towards freedom. That chance is worth taking, I think.

      2. Neil – you are wrong. The vaccine does stop you getting the virus and stops you passing it on.
        It is not about individuals. It is about the community. We will not achieve herd immunity without the vaccine. The more virus out there the more mutation in the virus, the more chance of deadly variants and variants that make the vaccines useless.
        This is a race to get the whole world vaccinated.
        The more people unvaccinated the more unsafe the world is for all of us.
        If it was just about individuals then I would certainly say that it’s up to them. Let the unvaccinated get ill and die (apart from the cost to the rest of us) but there is a much bigger biological picture.
        I want my freedom. Antivaxxers are keeping me in prison.

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