Poetry – Books


Orders down the lines they pour

As through the night the presses roar.

Into boxes neatly packed.

Onto pallets tightly stacked.

Into lorries, on to trains

And off down the tracks again.

Convoys trundle down motorway –

Huge loads of books to convey

To eager people who wait

To hear the rattle at their gate.

Best seller lists record the score

As books are sold to rich and poor.

Everything is put aside

As the pages open wide.

Avid eyes devour the text

Wondering what is coming next.

A smile, a nod an excited mind

Delighting in what it is they find.

The planet is saved and peace reigns

As Opher’s message is obtained.

The hatred dies and birth rates dip

As Opher’s logic passes lip to lip

Chimps, whales and rhinos heave a sigh,

Safe again under unpolluted sky.

All is well and happy once more

As Opher’s words touch to the core.

But wait!

The alarm rings

And kettle sings.

Awake again –

Different refrain.

Down some lane a lonely moped bumps

Driven by a woman down in the dumps.

Such a long way to have to go,

A dreary ride through rain and snow,

To deliver one lonely pack.

Then to the depot, heads off back.

Opher 9.12.2015

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