The Corona Diaries – Day 324

When I started this I did not think I would still be writing in 324 days later. I’m now beginning to think that I might be going up to 400 or even 500 days! That’s a lot of time!

I can’t help thinking that it is due to complete incompetency. They do not seem to be suffering in Australia, Singapore, Vietnam ot New Zealand do they?

Sometimes this endless isolation does get me down. There are days when I feel depressed and completely lacking in motivation. Then I have to think about how lucky I am.

I’m retired and have no job to lose. I have a steady income from my pension.

None of my family have lost their jobs and none of them have become really ill.

I live in a nice house, am warm and well fed. I even have a supply of wine.

I have a wife to share with. We haven’t killed each other yet.

We both have lots to do. I have my music, my writing, my reading and enough films, sport and drama on the TV to keep me entertained.

I live in a nice part of the country so that I can go on great daily walks.

I’m really spoilt. I can’t complain.

Yet I miss that contact, those gigs, my friends, seeing the kids, theatre, cinema and normal interaction. I find it hard to treat everyone as a threat and keep distance, wear a mask and watching everything with suspicion. It’s a stress that depletes energy.

Today I’ve been reading my Robert Harris Book and my Harari one too. I’ve been playing Doctor John and editing my Roy Harper book. I went for a two hour walk up my hill in the snow and looked out over a fabulous snowy landscape in bright sunshine.

It’s not exactly prison is it?

Out there in Coronaland the madness continues. Our inept government have the worst record in the world and yet retain a slight lead in the polls. What does it take to wake people up??

They continue to panic and dither. We finally have some restrictions and checks at our borders. It’s only taken a year!!!

The trouble is that they’ve gone mad. They’ve introduced draconian expensive hotel quarantine costing £1700 with threats of ten year prison sentences for anyone trying to evade the isolation.

Well it is about time isn’t it? We should have been carrying out health checks on all people entering the country. When I visited Hong Kong during the SARS outbreak I had to fill out medical information, had a health check with temperature being taken and all details of where I was staying and where I was going. We’ve had a year of letting anyone in with no restrictions or checks.


It’s the variants that are causing the panic. They think that if the variants become established the vaccines won’t work.

I reckon it’s time to sack Dido Harding and give Track and Trace to the NHS. They are doing a great job with the vaccine. Over 13 million vaccinated now!

There is good news on vaccines. The Pfizer gives 65% protection after the first jab and that goes up to 84% after the second. The WHO has recommended the AstraZeneca for the over 65s. They will both probably prevent all the known variants from killing people.

The debate is still going on the ‘vaccine passport’. I bet that there are going to be a lot of places only opening to vaccinated people – cinemas, theatres, clubs, airlines, holidays……………… There is not much different between proof of vaccination and a passport.

I guess I think that if people want to decline the vaccine then they have to pay the price. There is an element of social responsibility in being vaccinated isn’t there? It helps us reach herd immunity and thus makes all of us safer and gets us back to normal!

Anyway, What do you think?

Stay safe!!! The nigh will end!!

6 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 324

  1. 10 years in prison for lying about travel history? When they already know who goes in and out of the borders?

    I was on a jury once, in a causing-death-by-dangerous-driving case. We convicted him (rightly), and he got the maximum 10-year penalty.

    In my view, it’s Hancock and his ilk that should get 10-year prison sentences.

      1. No, Hancock deserves 10 years for his lies about numbers of tests and cases back in May. Multiply that by 111,001 to allow for the deaths.

  2. Hi, Opher, you sum up very well what must be a common mix of feelings for many in the UK – gratitude for the simple pleasures, perhaps rediscovered, with acute frustration at the glacial progress made! I don’t think they’ve made nearly enough of the social responsibility side of things, perhaps inevitable from a party who don’t believe in society and not much in government …

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