Poetry – Choices of life

Choices of life

If I really wanted I could walk out of here right now and make my way to anywhere on this planet – or I could go to bed and sleep. I can go to work or choose to play. I can move to a house in Rio.

I can walk out of this life and choose another – if I really wanted.

Yet for the most part we settle into the routine and follow the same habits. Our religious beliefs are fashioned by where we are born as are our political views. Ours lives are dictated by wealth, geography and education. It flows over us and we are caught in the currents.

Yet I am haunted by the deaths of friends and relatives and the accidents we have been in. If my Dad had not accepted that first cigarette he would not have died at the age of fifty eight from lung cancer. If I had been a minute later or sooner; if I had stopped to tie a shoelace, I would not have had a speeding car career into me.

The result of our choices are beyond all understanding. If I had stopped to tie that lace I might have been killed instead of surviving.

There is no way of telling what the consequences could be.

We live a life of choices and it is arbitrary.

Choices of life

Life is a series of choices –

Some are made for us,

Some are habit

And some necessity,

But all are open to us if we want.

Life is all possibility

But we narrow it down

For one reason

Or another

Because we feel we have to.

Life is a habit

That is only broken

When the extraordinary


And we are thrown.

In the midst of life

Comes death.

Always strangely unexpected,

Always unexpected

And all the habits are blown away.

Life is a series of choices

That are all a mystery,

That we can never pierce,

Or work out

Which is for the best.

Life presents the impossible

Choices to decide

Without revealing

A single clue

For the outcome of the results.

Life is the enigma –

One more minute in bed

And all the

Million possibilities

Slot together differently.

But without much thought

We make the choices

In the darkness

Of blind chance

And that is the life we make.

Opher 14.9.2015

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