The nutcase Marjorie Taylor Greene!

Is the tide turning? Are the American people finally waking up to the absurdity of all these ridiculous conspiracy theories and realising how they have been manipulated by crooked conmen like Trump?

He has been the biggest purveyor of lies and conspiracy ever and people fell for it!

A billionaire feathering his own nest while talking of draining the swamp. A privileged elitist who talks of Deep State conspiracy against him by the establishment that he is a part of.

Talk about Orwellian doubletalk.

He’ll make you believe black is white.

Now we have this complete nutcase Marjorie Taylor Moore who has urged people to invade the Capitol and take it over, to shoot Nancy Pelosi in the head and supports the stupid conspiracy theories of alien lizards, paedophile rings and satan worship.

And people elected this nutcase!! She should be on the wanted list as a deluded terrorist!!

She believes conspiracy theories about 9/11, that the school shooting didn’t happen and that Washington is being run by alien lizards!! There are saner people in the nuthouses!

The Republican voted to allow this extremist crackpot on to various committee – including education!!! Are they serious???? Does anybody really want someone who has no grip on reality, who believes vile propaganda and conspiracy, who is super gullible, dangerously extreme and promotes violence, to have anything to do with education???? That’s like putting Osama Bin Laden in charge of the curriculum!! The Republican Party seriously need to sort out their philosophy. Are they a party of extremist nutcases or a rational political party?

At the moment they seem to be leaning towards conspiracy and irrationality.

Fortunately the Democrats are in control and barred her from all committees. It is a step in the right direction. There is some sanity left in America.

A step in the right direction. House votes to remove Republican extremist Marjorie Taylor Greene from committee roles | House of Representatives | The Guardian

GOP’s Marjorie Taylor Greene regrets being ‘allowed’ to believe hoaxes – National |

5 thoughts on “The nutcase Marjorie Taylor Greene!

    1. Well I certainly wouldn’t believe in nut jobs like our Marjorie but a sizeable number of people evidently thought she should represent them. That says a lot about those people, I reckon.

      1. We should believe in the Actions of others. Sincere apologies should also be accepted. Wouldn’t you want someone to accept your apologies? If people do good things they should be deemed good people. If people do bad things they should be deemed bad people. Also do not let the thoughts of one person represent the thoughts of everyone. Because how you think is not what individuals think. And thus again i say Let the actions of other be how you think of that person.
        “Thou shalt not judge, lest ye be Judged first”
        “Do to others as you would want others to do to you”

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