Chris Riddell Cartoon – EU Oops!!

Chris really puts his finger on things.

The EU displays the very worst of its attributes – a gift for our Brexiteering friends.

It’s ponderousness and inability to react quickly to events (as with mass immigration) fed the Brexiteers with ammunition. It really does need to find a way of streamlining its reaction time.

The vaccines were a prime example. They were slow to get involved, tried for too long to get the price down, and ended up well down the queue – hence they can’t get adequate vaccine and the roll-out is poor.

It highlights what needs fixing.

Their response was a bit of a knee-jerk.

I wish we were in there fixing the problem! But them our bunch of clowns couldn’t fix an elastoplast on a scratch!

4 thoughts on “Chris Riddell Cartoon – EU Oops!!

    1. No Neil. I merely note that the EU has faults that need fixing and we should be in there fixing them. It has proved slow and ponderous over many things. It needs to work much more efficiently.
      I’ve never said the U is without faults – it has loads. I just think all the positive things, such as collaboration, free movement and open trade, more than make up for its shortfalls. It’s kept the peace for seventy-four years! That’s worth a lot.

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