The Corona Diaries – Day 312

72 hours and twenty minutes – not that I’m counting – that’s the time until I am due to receive my first jab. It seems that it is going to be the Oxford AstraZeneca. I’m quite excited about it. I can’t wait to feel a bit more security. Having the vaccine will make me feel a lot safer. I really do not want to end up on a ventilator or dead. Vaccines are a modern-day miracle. I find it very hard to understand why anybody would want to not have the jab.

It was a warm winter day in Yorkshire and the sun actually shone. This was strange as they had been promising a day of rain up until yesterday. I seem to have developed a cold. I don’t know where that’s come from? Being in Isolation means that I shouldn’t be in contact with any contagious disease. Just goes to show!

Back home I completed my editing of my Roy Harper On Track book and printed it out. I will have a last run through to see if there are any alterations needed and then it will be in to the publishers for a last full edit. All I need now are the 20 photos to go with it. I’ll be glad to get it off to the publishers. It has taken over my life for a long time now. But it is great to have produced a celebration of Roy’s great body of work. I’ve played every single one of his songs and remnded myself just how great a songwriter he is – England’s best.

All on track for a June 22nd release as scheduled.

While I was printing I’ve been playing some Beatles – they’re pretty good too!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland the controversy rages regarding the EU and legal action against AstraZeneca over its reneging on the delivery of millions of doses of their coronavirus vaccine. I can understand that. The production is not what was promised and they have a lot of people requiring vaccination.

Hopefully AstraZeneca will find a way of upping the production and meeting the demand without the EU resorting to petty blockades and suing them in the courts. We’ll see.

A new British vaccine NovaVax is looking good and may well achieve accreditation in the weeks to come. It is 89% efficient and works against the new British strain. I found that a bit worrying as it seemed to suggest that the vaccines currently being used will not work against the new strains.

We’ll probably end up having to have multiple doses of different vaccines to gain full immunity against the range of strains.

It is quite clear that we need to get the whole world vaccinated as quickly as possible. While there is a huge reservoir of virus out there there are going to be lots of mutations leading to more and more new strains. The quicker we can reduce the global number of viruses the better!

We won’t be completly safe until everyone is vaccinated!

In the USA Joe Biden might be able to undo a lot of the damage that Trump has done by passing executive orders but dealing with the terrible transmission and death-rate is not going to be as easy. Many Americans are pigheaded. Once they’ve got the conspiracy theories into their heads they find it hard to change their minds. Once they muddled up common sense social distancing and masks with an infringement of their ‘liberty’ the only thing that will change their mind is death. In which case a lot are presently changing their mind and wishing they’d worn a mask and stayed clear of people. There were another 165,264 new cases yesterday and 3,868 deaths. I think it’s going to take a while for Biden’s new policies to start having an impact and while there are so many conspiracy believers, liberty nuts and antivaxxers the job is an uphill battle. Good luck with that Joe. But at least the opposition is going down in numbers by the minute.

Here in the UK our numbers went up a bit to 28,680 new cases with 1,239 deaths. I reckon that in a month’s time the vaccinated will start to show an impact on those figures.

At least the government is rolling out the vaccine effectively and is doing something right!! If only they had used the NHS professionals for Track and Trace in the first place w might not be in this mess!

Brazil is still a basket case and Vietnam had a giant leap in new cases with 98 new cases reported yesterday (we get that number every few minutes!). I wonder what caused that? But hey, no deaths and I reckon they’ll be all over it

Stay safe!!

12 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 312

  1. I think I’m going to have to give up reading the paper – or maybe change to The Star! Several pieces in yesterday’s and today’s paper raised a silent rage within me.

    I know the East Surrey Hospital well. It was pretty local when I lived in Dorking. Hospital incursions by Covid deniers putting lives at risk, say health leaders | World news | The Guardian

    And this. Tories under growing pressure over MP who backed Covid deniers | World news | The Guardian

    Be interesting to see how long before your second vaccination. I’m still waiting to hear about my first.


    1. 70 hours and 35 minutes until our jab!!!! It’s suddenly great being old!!
      I’d avoid buying the Star John. The I is quite good.
      I can see that antivaxxers and Covid deniers might get you annoyed! I’d advise not to be silent and bottle it up.
      Looks like we’re getting the Oxford astrazeneca. We’ll see how long until the second. I might know on Monday!

  2. Opher, over the last two days I’ve updated my “magic spreadsheets” to graph COVID hospital and ICU patients, and vaccinations, in addition to all the other stuff. I hope to produce another report in about 3 days’ time. And it will include some borough level graphs from my local area, too.

    From what little I’ve been able to find, you’re better off with the AstraZeneca vaccine than you would have been with the Pfizer. Please keep us advised of any side-effects. I’ll be monitoring the figures closely, as any significant percentage of people vaccinated should produce a detectable drop in the R-rate, and so in the proxy I use for it, weekly case growth.

    Oh, and an amusing thought I had a few nights ago when I was browsing a website with ads on either sidebar. On one side, I saw a government ad “The new strain of COVID is spreading fast!” On the other, I saw “Stay safe!” And I thought, if we aren’t safe, how can we stay safe? On the other hand, if we are safe, why bother us with all this crap? They aren’t so much “opening their mouths to change feet,” but speaking out of two (or more) mouths at once.

    1. I don’t think this lot speak through their mouths!
      I’m glad to hear that you think the AstraZeneca is better! Why???
      I thought the Pfizer was meant to be more effective?
      I’m not sure if you’ve seen any data on those older than 55 years?? It seems the immune response is less.

      1. Opher, your point about which parts of their anatomy they vacillate (ha!) from is well taken.

        What I’ve heard is that the AstraZeneca vaccine has (generally) less side effects. Also, it’s easier to transport, due to not needing very low temperatures. Which lessens the risk of something going wrong due to premature warm-up.

        I haven’t even tried to break down any of the data into age groups, which I think of as rather artificial. But I’d guess that those of us over 55 have developed our immunities over many years… which may well include immunities to viruses similar to this one. As long as we keep ourselves reasonably fit, we should be as OK as we can be.

      2. I don’t think they’ve done as much research on the immunity levels of the over 55s as they would have liked. It sounds as if it won’t stop you getting it but will greatly reduce the severity. That’ll do for me.
        I reckon that early next year we’ll be going in for a different jab to mop up variants and provide greater protection.

  3. Opher, Tubularsock wishes all the best with your trust with your government and being
    a guinea pig for the rest of us with the vaccine.

    I would venture to say that there are several thousand people who didn’t seem to have
    good luck with the vaccine and would have been better off with skipping it.
    But hell, you only live once, ok maybe three times.

    When science gets mixed in with money the formula is usually tainted.

    May the vaccine gods be with you.

    1. Tub – I’m a scientist and I don’t go with this conspiracy crap. There’s currently 433,000 families in the USA who have a hole where someone once was. They would have given anything to have got a jab. I haven’t heard of a single person of the millions vaccinated who have gotten seriously ill.
      I’ll take my risk with the vaccine any day over my risk with Covid.

      1. I’ll take care Tub. Those deaths in very old people are pretty statistically sound. I’d much rather take my chances with the vaccine than Covid.

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