The Unity America Doesn’t Need – John Pavlovitz. January 26, 2021.

I thought this was very powerful and and clear! Thank you John Peachey for sending it through.

The Unity America Doesn’t Need

John Pavlovitz. January 26, 2021.

During his Inaugural address, just as he had done many times on the campaign trail, President Biden once again delivered a heartfelt plea for national unity, saying:

Today, on this January day, my whole soul is in this:
Bringing America together.
Uniting our people.

He continued, saying that Americans need to rally together around the common foes we face:

Anger, resentment, hatred. extremism, lawlessness, violence. disease, 

I believe the President’s soul is indeed in this and mine is as well.

I echo his sentiments and agree on these beautiful shared aspirations.

But as the Right is now weaponizing the word unity and using it to avoid accountability, sidestep justice, disregard equity, and ignore criminality, there is a unity that decent Americans do not need:

Decent Americans don’t need unity with wilful liars.

While a substantial portion of Americans and the vast majority of the opposing party still knowingly cling to the big lie of a fraudulent election, they do not deserve our unity. Such manufactured claims are fundamentally divisive, and intentionally so. Only when human beings stand together on the solid bedrock of objective truth can any commonality be unearthed and any compromises carved out. 

After 64 lost lawsuits and dozens of failed recounts, there simply is no evidence of any kind to merit these fabrications of a corrupted electoral process, and as long as our friends, family members, and lawmakers reiterate such a falsehood, unity is neither possible nor required nor helpful.

Decent Americans don’t need unity with domestic terrorists.

On January 6th, our nation sustained one of the worst domestic attacks in our history; a brazen and bloody assault upon the very seat of our Constitution intended to violently seize control of the government and overturn the election results. This very likely occurred with the foreknowledge, aid, and support of many Republicans lawmakers and the former president himself.

The fact that the Republican Party has not only failed to universally condemn this attack, but has allowed many involved in it to still retain their seats as lawmakers while pushing hard against Senate impeachment of the former president, makes uniting with them tacit approval of terrorism. To align with people who will not hold the perpetrators of such ugliness accountable, would be to embolden lawlessness, bless murder, and co-sign insurrection.

Decent Americans don’t need unity with people disconnected from reality.

The nonsensical QAnon conspiracy movement that has polluted the Right and burrowed itself into partisan media and into our very political machinery, is predicated on fantastical and baseless claims intended to ratchet up irrational fear: invisible dangers operating in the shadows, Popes being secretly arrested, widespread rolling blackouts, massive child trafficking rings working under the direction of the Democrats.

These wild and reckless myths perpetuated by people who exist fully untethered from objective reality can simply not be tolerated by responsible, rational adults. We can and should work to find common ground across the sometimes vast chasms of politics and religion, in the turbulent trenches of immigration, healthcare, climate change, poverty. But there is no common ground to be found with unstable cultists, and we should not be burdened to find any.

Decent Americans don’t need unity with unrepentant racists.

Watching the same people who violently objected to athletes of color kneeling silently before a football game, or to disparate Americans marching to affirm the values of black lives, or to diverse Americans standing together to condemn the assassinations by police of human beings of colour — now so casually brush off or completely ignore the violent white mobs at the Capitol has been grief-worthy.

These phony ANTIFA false equivalencies and Black Lives Matter whataboutisms, illustrate how deeply embedded into so many people’s psyches racial prejudice is, and this moment must be a time when we confront it and do not shy away from it under the pretense of ceremonial unity. Proud Boys don’t deserve unity. Boogaloo Boys don;t deserve unity. Klansmen with or without robes and hoods don’t. Black lives merit our passionate disunity with such people.

Unity, though invaluable is not given freely.

While lawmakers like Josh Hawley, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lauren Boebert, and Mo Brooks, who are heavily implicated in the Capitol attack still hold their seats of undeserved power — unity is impossible.

While politicians like Ted Cruz, Kevin McCarthy, Jim Jordan, and Matt Gaetz continue to double down on the knowing lie of a stolen election — there can be no unity.

While Republicans compare protests demanding that black lives not be made expendable, with an act of white terrorism intending to overthrow the Government, unity will not be forthcoming.

America needs people to step across lines of political and religious affiliation to craft a way forward in consequential matters right now, and I want to be one of those people.

I agree that we need human beings of every walk of life to, as the President said during his Inauguration:

Listen to one another.
Hear one another.
See one another.
Show respect to one another.

We desperately need to unite around our shared and interdependent humanity.

Yet those needs do not supersede the elemental virtues of honesty, fairness, equity, decency and they do not override the Constitution.

The call for unity cannot entail abandoning the very heart of this nation’s laws and the solid bedrock of objective truth or the intrinsic value of all human beings.

Unity that requires us to abide terrorism or perpetuate inequity or ratify violence, isn’t unity, it’s coddling evil.

Unity between compassionate, truthful, human beings burdened to a collaborative effort at restoring our nation is essential.

Unity with unrepentant darkness is not.

America and the people who call it home or dream of calling it home, deserve better.

8 thoughts on “The Unity America Doesn’t Need – John Pavlovitz. January 26, 2021.

  1. Tubularsock would rather see the U.S. actually PRACTICE what it preaches and stop its killing across the globe.

    The number Buydone is responsible for killing across the globe makes him just another war criminal along with Obummer, Bush, and Clinton.

    All that is written here is just fucking-full-bull-shit!

    Get a hold of reality and stop this glorious “whitewashing”!

  2. “Unity” is a very nasty concept, Opher. It means “we must all go in the same direction.” And, in the mouth of a politician or a priest, it means “what I tell you to do, I’ll force you to do.” All the way down the line. Unity is dictatorship. After all, the EU’s motto is “Unity in diversity.” (Though I’m all in favour of diversity!)

    In other news, Tubularsock’s comment above is spot on.

    1. In my book unity is working together. I like that. I like diversity too and do not think that unity is necessarily detrimental to diversity.
      I too would rail at the way big business and the elite impact on politicians and government, but I differ in the way to deal with that.

      1. But in order to work together, you need first to agree on the goal you are working towards. That is the difficult bit. The supporters of the two big US parties, for example, want completely different things out of life, and want to live in completely different flavours of society. One prefers independence, low taxes and minimal regulations (and guns). The other wants big government with a socialist/green flavour and ever expanding programs; and wants to force it on people who don’t want it. As things stand now, there’s no chance of unity or working together between the two – and the author of this piece is admitting it.

      2. Exactly my point, Opher. If they can’t have unity, they ought to form separate communities. Which means (or ought to mean) secession of the one from the other; an “amicable divorce.” That would also have a side benefit to us all, of making the USA less militarily strong. But the “world government” freaks won’t even hear of it. They just want to tell everyone else what to do.

      3. I can see it happening! The South and middle are different worlds to the coasts! They would certainly suffer greatly though.

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