Poetry – Pushing the Edges

Pushing the Edges

Always pushing these edges further

Trying to see deeper and round the corner,

Wanting more.

Not wishing to be safe within the

Limits imposed on us by those who seek

To close the door.

Striving to create something better,

That always lurks around the bend,

We’re looking for.

Not settling for more of the same

But wanting change that is enough

To make us sure.

Life is never ordinary

Though most would make it so;

It burns from the core

Opher 23.8.2015

Pushing the Edges

Ever since I was young I have been an outsider. I don’t fit in. I cannot be content mowing the grass and washing the car. I need broader horizons and crazier people. I view this mad society not with mere suspicion but utter contempt.

I hate the twee-ness of ordinary life with its superficiality. I detest the history of all human culture with its brutality, superstitious beliefs, arrogance, superiority, ignorance, hypocrisy and stupidity. I cannot abide the hedonistic senselessness indulgence of the modern society with no values, aspirations, depth or creativity. I abhor the celebrity culture. I am dismayed by the senseless direction we are being jerked along in by the power seeking, wealth gathering, blinkered morons.

It’s a wonder I’m not seriously depressed. It is even more amazing that I remain an optimist who still believes in the ideals I set off with – or most of them.

I am a devout antitheist who practices tolerance religiously and teaches respect and peace.

I want something more out of life that is not cruel, is productive, creative and in harmony with the natural world. I’m not a dreamer; I’m a fighter.

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