Impeaching the ex-President!

So what do you have to do in order to get impeached these days? If inciting treason and the storming of the Capitol is not sufficient what is? Do you actually have to kill people and be at the front leading an armed mob into the Capitol and string up Pelosi and Pence? Or would that be thought OK by a majority of Republicans too?

It seems to me that the Trumpists are continuing with their threats. Any Republican in the Senate or Congress who speaks out against Trump is inundated with death-threats to themselves and their family and fears for their re-election. Violence and intimidation rules. It’s the rule of armed thugs.

The Republican Party is in thrall to Trumpist extremists – and there are a lot of them.

When are Republican leaders going to stand up against the intimidation and grow a backbone? When are they going to rediscover some shreds of morality?

When are they going to stop spouting Trumpist lies that they know are untrue?

I think America is in dire trouble. While there is no accountability for violence and lies, while there is mob rule, democracy and morality are in tatters.

Republicans should all be ashamed of the party they have been voting for – it stinks!

13 thoughts on “Impeaching the ex-President!

  1. As I was reading this, the weirdest thought popped into my head….What if Biden listed all of Trump’s misdemeanors and then pardoned him?! Only joking but it was a thought.

  2. Opher, you have just tuned into THE AMERICAN COMEDY SHOW.

    The Democraps aren’t much better. Dufus-In-Chief Buydone has already started the double speak on the stimulus checks.

    And that money will get to those in need ahhh, by ahhh …………. maybe when your cows come home but most American’s don’t have cows.

    But Tubularsock expected as much …….. same as it ever was.

    1. I’m sure you’re right Tub but from where I am the Republicans have gone to an all-time low. Vigilante groups, neo-Nazis and white supremacists are the type of fascist scum I have raged against forever and they appear to have taken over the party.

  3. Trump has been impeached – twice. The issue is whether an impeached President is found guilty. To be found guilty requires a two-thirds majority in the Senate. That outcome is unlikely given the usual even balance between the parties in the Senate. Clinton was acquitted as was Trump over the Ukraine incident previously.

    1. Yes I know. Partisan politics will probably win and the guilty go unpunished. One wonders what you have to do to get impeached.
      The Republican Party is morally corrupt and a disgrace.

  4. Someone is guilty when found guilty & punished under due process not on the basis of pre-judgement & bias.

  5. Congress makes the rules and the rules govern the due process. It’s extremely unlikely two-thirds of the Senate will find Trump guilty. You have made up your mind but it’s not clear cut he called for the violent storming of the Capitol. In any event what is the point of pursuing this trial in the middle of a pandemic and a major economic downturn in the USA? The country is already divided. Why exacerbate that division? If the prosecution fails, that makes it more likely Trump will stand again in 2024.

    1. I have been following it quite closely Bede. He was calling for an insurrection. He was stirring up for it before the election itself – telling his base that there was going to be fraud, that the election was going to be stolen. He openly called on the fascist Proud Boys. He called them to Washington with a view to overturning a fair election by force. He put pressure, with threats, on to election officials to overturn fair and legal votes. When he had assembled the mob in Washington, including a number of fascist groups who had come with the intent of taking the Capitol and even killing Pence (who was considered a traitor because he refused to oppose the process) and Pelosi, he proceeded to incite them to violence.
      It is not merely about the day. It is about that and the months that led up to it.
      You are suggesting that five deaths go unpunished and that an attempted coup should just be ignored?. There is no doubt that there was an attempt to overturn a democratic election and stage a coup. Are you supporting the Burmese Generals too?

  6. No, I do not support the Burmese generals. Maybe you do since you appear to distrust democracy. Where is the evidence that he incited the protesters to violence except in circumstantial evidence seen through a prejudicial mind. Most of the legislators, commentators etc are persons who previously declared their dislike of Trump. I take it that you previously disliked him so it’s natural you look at those events with a prejudiced mindset. Are you suggesting Trump called for Mike Pence & Nancy Pelosi to be killed by a violent mob? I am not suggesting 5 deaths go unpunished. I believe the majority of those were protesters. I am suggesting that Trump, despite his distasteful character, is entitled to a fair hearing. My main point is that I can’t see, in light of major problems in the USA, what purpose the trial serves anymore than it did in the case of Bill Clinton. Presidents, world leaders etc are not intrinsically honourable and honest persons. The persons who should be held responsible for the violence are those who carried it out and/or took part. The fact of protesting per se is not a crime.

    1. Bede – are you reading my replies at all??? I support democracy even though it is flawed. There is nothing better.
      Of course Trump is entitled to a fair hearing. I do not think the Senate is the place for that. It should be a full-blown court case with all the evidence not a shallow partisan hearing. It should be looked at without prejudice or political bias.
      No I do not think he directly called for anyone to be killed but indirectly he did.
      I think he set out to steal the election. He knew he could not win. His base are fanatical but a minority. He set about undermining democracy by making unfounded claims about the counting machines and voting by mail. He called officials and threatened them to get them to overturn the legal result. He incited his base by claiming that ballot boxes were being rammed with fraudulent ballot papers. He incited his base with repeated false claims of the election being stolen, fraud by officials and using highly inflammatory language. He told the fascist group The Proud Boys to stand by and stand to. He called on them all to converge on Washington and take back the country. He then incited them to march on the Capitol in full knowledge of the outcome. It was an attempted coup. I do not think that would take much to prove in a court of law. In the senate it will simply be partisan politics.
      Of course this needs sorting before the country can go forward. This isn’t a minor sexual indiscretion.

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