The Corona Diaries – Day 309

It was a pretty lousy day today for a number of reasons that I won’t go into. The morning was very cold but sunny so I went up my hill.

Back home I’ve been playing some Velvet Underground, which seemed to suit my mood!

I’ve ben mooching around and doing some editing. Not a particularly fruitful day.

Outside in Coronaland there are some causes for elation and some for misery.

The numbers of new cases do seem to be coming down as well as the numbers of deaths – Hurray!!

The lockdown appears to be working – Hurray!!

There now appears to be concern for the continued supply of the vaccine at the necessary level – Booo!!!

The EU say they are not getting enough vaccine and are sueing Pfizer – Boooo!

The EU say they will block the export of the Pfizer jab – Booo!

That would have big implications for us and might create all manner of problems for people needing the second jab. They have already extended the time between jabs. If it becomes too long immunity might be compromised – Booo!!!

Thirty one police have been fined for getting haircuts during lockdown – Booo!!

It looks like quarantine hotels are going to be used for all travellers coming into the UK – Hurray!!!!! (about bloody time!!)

They are looking to get kids back to school – Hurray!!!

A new survey suggests that teachers are not more likely to catch the virus compared to the general public – Hurray!! (I find that hard to believe!!!)

The older students are superspreaders – Booo!!

Well there’s a few things to mull over. The implications are profound. Will schools go back? Will they use better ventilated buildings?

We’ll see.

Stay safe and sane!!

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