The Corona Diaries – Day 307

It’s very cold here in Yorkshire. We’ve had frost all day and the ground is solid, but there’s no sign of snow.

We went out for a walk into Driffield and took a pasty with us. We had lunch on a freezing cold park bench. But we were wrapped up and it was good.

Back home I’ve been playing some Free and doing a bit of editing.

I’m about to go off, get a beer and watch some football!!

Meanwhile out in coronaland there is confusion.

Thankfully, our rates are beginning to come down, 33,552 new cases yesterday with another 1348 deaths. Terrible but going in the right direction. Over 5 million have been vaccinated. That must help.

When all the vulnerable have been vaccinated, in the next few weeks, and the two week after for the antibodies to build, we should start to see a bit of an impact.

The biggest impact will be when they start rolling it out to key workers and younger people. They are the ones who will be spreading it. When they are vaccinated the rate should come down.

By May the weather will be improving, a good portion will have been vaccinated, and the virus should start to come under control.

It should never have been allowed to get out of control in the first place. Let’s hope our buffoons look at what New Zealand, Australia and Vietnam are doing.

There are still a number of worries. The South African variant appears to be resistant to the vaccine. The mutation might mean that no vaccine can be effective against it at all. That would be a worry. We’d have vaccinated everyone only to find it was totally ineffective.

The other worry is that it appears that those vaccinated can still pass the virus on. So masks and social distancing are still required.

Hopefully, our clowns will get it together this summer. As the heat/UV of summer sun (coupled with outdoor living) lowers the infection we have a chance to really get on top of it and eradicate it altogether. If all people coming into the country are checked and isolated we can keep on top of it. If we particularly focus on getting rid of the African variant we have a chance!

This is precisely what successful countries have been doing.

Do you think our Eton clowns are up to the task?

We’ll see. Eat Outside to Help Out!

Stay safe. We’re going to live with this virus for a long time yet!!

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