Today’s Music to keep me SssaaAaaanNnnnEEe in Isolation – Fleetwood Mac – Then Play On

Fleetwood Mac were a great live band. I used to see them play in the clubs a lot back in the sixties. They were always good and versatile.

Then Play On was a development from the Blues into a Progressive style.

I’ll enjoy revisiting them today!!

Rattlesnake Shake (2013 Remaster) – YouTube

Coming Your Way (2013 Remaster) – YouTube

Closing My Eyes (2013 Remaster) – YouTube

Fighting for Madge (2013 Remaster) – YouTube

When You Say (2013 Remaster) – YouTube

Show-Biz Blues (2013 Remaster) – YouTube

Underway (2013 Remaster) – YouTube

One Sunny Day (2013 Remaster) – YouTube

Although the Sun Is Shining (2013 Remaster) – YouTube

Fleetwood Mac – Without You (Audio) – YouTube

Searching for Madge (2013 Remaster) – YouTube

My Dream (2013 Remaster) – YouTube

Oh Well (Pt. 1) (2013 Remaster) – YouTube

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