Poetry – The Meaning of Life

The Meaning of Life

Sunbeams breaking through clouds,

Trees, rocks, sea and mountains,

A nice pint on a mild afternoon,

The soft fur of a warm life,

A cuddle and a love,

A dance and a tune,

A helping hand,

A poem and a shared moment,

A cool breeze on a hot day,

A gentle touch,

Sunlight glinting on a lapping sea,

Sunset and sunrise,

Love, friendship and birth,

Hoar frost shards on twigs in the morning glow

The hues of feathers, wings and crystals,

Ravines, gullies and rocks,

Tiny creatures,

Big animals,

Great, green plants,

And wild places,

Giving and receiving,

A smile, a handshake and a meeting,

Flowers in all their magnificence,

Differences and argument,

Laughter and accord,

Sex, fun and frolics,

Everything young and new,

Holding hands,

A kiss in the dark,

Ice-cream and chocolate,

Wonder and discovery,

A good film,

A realisation,

A creation,

A painting and a dance,

A good play,


Clever words,

Good stories,

Sport and skill,

Books, records and pictures,

Travel to exotic lands,

Infinity and vertigo,

A joke and a chuckle,

The vulgar and profane,

Having family gathered round,

The seasons,

Snow on trees and hills,





The Blues,

Rock and Folk,

Walking in the quiet,

The trill of insects,

The song of birds,



And wandering,


Above all ……… Sharing.

Opher 18.8.2015

The Meaning of life

There is no other reason to life other than the living of it. The living of it is an art. You experience every second; the whole force of the infinite universe pressing in around you and in the midst of the fury, the quiet; the appreciation of the greatness of a word, the nuance of a smile, the wonder of holding a child.

The meaning of life is nothing to do with where you are going; it’s all about the journey and what you make of it. It can be sensuous and creative, altruistic and benevolent, or selfish, cruel and vicious.

Your choice. It’s always your choice.

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