Poetry – Stop and Go

Stop and Go

I haven’t got a stop button

I’m always on the go

Haven’t got a brake pedal

I’m never going slow.

Each day is full of possibility

Wonder and awe

There never is enough time

I’m always wanting more.

So much to see and do,

So many things to make.

So much to improve

A whole world to shake.

While someone’s being cruel

And there’s a cause to be fought

There’s no time to stop

For stopping counts for naught.

Opher 17.8.2015

Stop and Go

I wrote this because I am driven. I do not have the mind that will allow me to walk past anything. I seem to have an opinion, a thousand projects and a mind that won’t keep still. As an idealist I want to make everything better. As a problem solver I see solutions all around me. As a political being I see the means to improve everything. As an optimist I think we can do anything we set our minds to. There are answers to be found. As a creator I believe we can produce wonderful, thought-provoking, happy-making things. There is beauty to be forged. There is a life to be lived and it is short. I believe in people. I want a world of love, security and wonder. I want a world to leave for future generations and I want it to be full of wildness, immense beauty and exotic creatures.

Better get on. There’s no time to lose!

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