Poetry – The Music that Moves Mountains

The Music that Moves Mountains

From Dylan to the Doors,

Beatles to the Stones,

I dreamt the thoughts

That matched the tones.

Harper and Cohen,

Ochs and Guthrie,

Gave me the words

To match my own melody.

My neurones soared

With the feedback

As my thoughts set out

On a new tack.

Beefheart and Young

Sent me reeling.

While Joni and Joan

Filled my head with the feeling.

For we’ve got the Traffic

And the new Family

Floyd in the stars

As Hendrix set me Free

Country Joe was so Grateful

As the Airplane flew

From Buffalo with Invention

As that feeling grew.

Love flew like the Byrds

While the Velvets walked the streets

It was all Canned Tomorrow

That Broughton cosmic feats.

For we’re all Sunshine Supermen

On a journey across the universe

Floating on those cosmic wheels

From verse to verse.

Music’s my inspiration

As my consciousness flows

Along those golden strings

As the syncopation grows.

Opher 15.8.2015

The Music that Moves Mountains

The sixties ushered in huge social change that altered the fabric of society and set in motion a chain reaction. It inspired me, shook me, stirred me up and set me flying. The music filled my veins with fire, my head with realisation; it opened my eyes, made me think and poured energy through my ventricles.

I thought I’d play about with a few words. It may not be great poetry but it made me smile!

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