Poetry – I am a Gorilla

I am a Gorilla

I am a gorilla

In a garden without a single tree

A crazy, bemused chimpanzee

Who built a lavatory.

My madness runs

In my veins and DNA.

Inherited through my genes

To bring atoms into play.

From the African Savannah

Right out to the stars

We’re the naked chimps

Who string up guitars.

I know I am a mad ape

Creating cities and the gun

Fanatical religions

And we’ve only just begun.

Opher 15.8.2015

I am a Gorilla

We haven’t been around so long and yet we’re running the planet. We’re out of control.

We think we’re so clever but look at the mess we’re making of things!

We can be so kind but we are the cruellest animal who ever evolved.

We run on power.

We desire more.

We fight for much more than we could ever need.

Our greed is extraordinary. We’re like wolverines in a chicken-run.

The planet’s become our play thing.

And we’ve only just begun!

2 thoughts on “Poetry – I am a Gorilla

    1. Hi John – I was really referring to the fact that we’re a new species. We’ve not been here long. We’ve hardly begun and we’ve already wrecked the joint.

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