Poetry – Consciousness


A flash, a pattern, lighting up the skull.

A construction of identity for us to ever mull.

A sense of reality that forms within the mind.

A delving into mystery to see what we can find.

I am alive.

I think .

I feel.

I thrive.

I am aware of what I think and feel.

I am aware of you and me.

I have memory

To give continuity.

My prized possession;

But I like to change it now and then,

For insight into other worlds,

But always back again.

Chemical and network,

Infused with electricity,

Polarising views

Of our eternity.

For consciousness is all I have.

It is the essence of me.

When I’m gone it will dissolve

And I will cease to be.

Consciousness is ephemeral

Not a spirit or a soul.

It is a physical construction

That begets our rock to roll.

I am conscious

I can see.

Imagine the universe

Without you or me.

I’m glad we evolved consciousness

In the face of such majesty.

Without the eyes to see it

Would be a waste of such beauty.

Opher 25.7.2015


I was taking a break from taming the beast that is ivy on the wall when I started thinking about consciousness.

I have senses that enable me to see the world, a brain to think, a sense of identity and an appreciation of everything.

The world is wondrous. The universe is spectacular. Wouldn’t it be a shame if there were no eyes to witness it, no minds to appreciate the awe and wonder of the whole celestial magic? Evolution is great.

The most incredible thing is that our senses are so limited. Our view of the universe is so partial. What we see of what goes on around us is a small percentage. The universe is very different to how we perceive it. Our consciousness is extremely limited. Most of the wonders around us go undetected.

Not so long ago the wonders of the heavens were not known and microscopic life unseen. Now we have instruments and machines to enhance our senses. It is an incredible age we live in. Our eyes are fully open to all possibility.

Yet what are we? What is this consciousness that enables us to perceive what lies around us? A flash of electricity? A chemical flow? A wave of polarisation? A network of connections?

The sum is always greater than the parts!

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