The Corona Diaries – Day 298

After the cold and rain of yesterday it was warm and sunny today. I went for a walk up my hill with one of my mates. It looked beautiful from the top. What a difference a day makes!!

Back home I’ve been chilling out, doing some chores and listening to some Davey Graham. What a guitarist!

Out there in Coronaland the madness and incompetency continues.

In the last days of Trump the rats are jumping ship, falling out and turning on each other. They can see that Trump is a lost cause. Despite being the most unpopular President consistently throughout his term, always drifting around 42%, his popularity has dived. He is now down to low thirties in many polls and a majority want him impeached and kicked out of office.

The amazing thing is that he still has the support of thirty percent!

The cache has dissipated. He no longer is a viable proposition, in fact he is toxic. The Republican party faces a choice. They either continue with the loony Tea Party Trumpist extremism, and discover that Trump has become a liability, or they return to their conservative values (not my cup of tea but at least sane).

I can’t see how the two sides can be reconciled. I predict a split in the party. On only has to look at that complete loony QAnon Marjorie Taylor Greene as she takes her place in Congress. She is planning to call for impeachment of Biden on his first day in office – presumably based on what she thinks he might do – like eating babies with the Lizards.

The insurrectionists who stormed the Capitol are being rounded up and charged. I can see some heavy sentences being given out.

Hey Boys- you’ve missed the ring leader!! He needs locking up too!!

If the guy had any conscience he’d top himself. The death-rate directly stemming from his poor leadership will top 400,000 in his term of office! It’s still causing 4000 deaths a day! That is hard to actually visualise. 4000 families torn apart each day!

Here in the UK we are going at 1248 deaths a day. That is appalling. Trump-light Johnson should be locked up with Trump. We’re in big trouble. Our hospitals are overflowing! we’re still getting 48,682 new cases in a day!

The vaccination programme is rolling out but not quickly enough. This is an emergency. We should be on a 24 hour vaccination programme with the army brought in. This is a race!!

The virus is mutating. This is worrying. It could produce a variant that the vaccine won’t work against. We could vaccinate the entire population and find that it does not work!

There is a big concern regarding the variant that started up in Brazil. Due to Bolsonaro’s incompetence, the disease has ravaged Brazil. There were another 67,658 new cases yesterday with 1131 deaths. In the city of Manaus, they thought that they had reached herd immunity with an estimated 74% of the population has had the disease. Now they are finding the virus variant infecting people who have had the disease.

The real concern is that the variant has mutated and the previous antibodies are not effective against it. This does not bode well for the vaccine. Hence we have a block on flights from Brazil and Portugal. Time will tell.

The variant is probably here!

The vaccine can be tweaked but that will mean vaccinating everyone again! Back to square one.

This won’t effect countries such as Vietnam, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia too much. They are on top of it. We were the mugs who let it get out of control!!

Let’s hope the vaccine works!!

Stay safe!! The nigh is at an end!

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