Trump and the Fraudulent election claims. A pack of lies.

Trump declared that the election was stolen and that there was a plot, millions of votes were magicked into ballot boxes late at night.
He said that from his bunker in the Whitehouse on election night.
Yet it had been quite clear that the process was going to follow a pattern. That pattern was predicted and well-described and Trump knew it.
The Republicans had encouraged their followers to vote in person. The Democrats, aware of coronavirus, had encouraged their voters to vote by mail.
In places like Georgia the votes cast on the day were counted first.
Trump went into the lead as predicted.
Then the postal ballots were counted and his lead evaporated and Biden won comfortably – as predicted.
There was not one shred of evidence for Trump’s claims of mass fraud. The international observers saw nothing underhand. Recounts and investigations turned nothing up. All Trumps lawsuits were chucked out for lack of any credible evidence. There was no mass fraud. Yet Trump continued to make these assertions and has convinced half his followers that it is true. He talked of truckloads of votes suddenly appearing, of the dead voting, of democrats sitting filling out thousands of ballot sheets. All lies.
As with most things that come out of Trump’s mouth – there is little truth or substance behind anything he says. It’s all in his head.
Unfortunately, a good number of his fanatical supporters need no evidence. Anything Trump says is true. They believe the election was stolen because he says it was. It is pulling the country apart and it is all lies.

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