The Corona Diaries – Day 289

I walked up my hill today in bright frosty sunshine and returned just before the rain started. That’s good timing.

Back home I’ve been playing some good old Chuck Berry Rock ‘n’ Roll. My, he was good.

I’ve completed the editing on both Roy Harper books and sent one off today. That leaves me at a loose end writing-wise. I think I’ll have a short break and then do another project.

All good.

The problem I have with this lockdown is that there are not enough hours in the day. But I never get bored.

Out there in Coronaland the madness continues. Countries like Vietnam, New Zealand, Singapore and Iceland are virtually Covid-free. Australia has only had 909 deaths in total. We had that many just yesterday!

Countries such as the USA, Brazil and the UK are disaster areas. We are getting blase about deaths. The USA had a staggering 3664 deaths yesterday. they had another 238,999 new cases in one day. At the start of this pandemic that would have been a shock that scared the life out of us all. Now it is just a number. The President isn’t even bothered. He’s playing golf.

Trump has been given another thumping as both Senate seats in Georgia go to the Democrats giving them the senate.

Is this the end of populism? Have the US people woken up to the scandal of Trumpism and his incompetence? We’ll see. The sooner Trump is locked up the better. He’ll probably ask the Proud Boys to bust him out!!

Here in the UK our numbers are soaring – over 60,000 new cases and over 900 deaths!

So what do the UK, USA and Brazil have in common that makes their performance so bad? It’s obvious, isn’t it? They have macho populist leaders who are hopeless. Trump is a narcissistic sociopath who only cares about himself and money. Bolsonaro is a pompous, arrogant narcissist who only cares about money. Johnson is a boastful, arrogant clown who is completely hapless.

The numbers of cases and deaths are not by chance. They are directly related to actions taken and policies.

Here’s what Healthline had to say:

  • Vietnam has reported zero deaths so far from COVID-19, while New Zealand has reported only 20 and South Africa only 148.
  • Experts say all three nations took early, quick, and decisive action that included nationwide lockdowns and contact tracing.
  • South Africa used its experience from the HIV epidemic, and Vietnam relied on its experience from the SARS epidemic.

New Zealand Has 20 COVID-19 Deaths. Vietnam Zero. How They Succeeded (

Early, quick and decisive! And what did Johnson, Bolsonaro and Trump do? Denied it. Called it a hoax. Said it was a small flu. were complacent and ill-prepared.

We have only just closed our airports.

Singapore, Vietnam and New Zealand closed borders straight away and brought in Testing and Track and Trace. They kept on top of it. Early testing kept the numbers down. Stringent Track and Trace isolated cases. Result – few deaths, hardly any covid.

We let 2 million people back into the country untested. We had football matches and horse races. We did not prepare. We ignored what was going on in China. We ignored the WHO. We ignored our own Cygnus report. We ignored what was going on in the continent. We did not have stocks of PPE. We did not have chemicals for testing. We did not have any strategies. We let it get out of control. In the summer we failed to stamp it out but instead allowed it to multiply with silly back to work and eat out schemes.

We still are dithering about behind the curve.

It’s a litany of incompetence.

Now the government is desperately opening up mass vaccination centres and shutting schools in a panic. They are blaming it on ‘The New Strain’.

The new strain has mutated because we allowed the disease to be rampant!

This bunch of morons need kicking out – the whole populist bunch of imbeciles!

We’re in a race now. Can we get the vaccine out fast enough before a mutation comes along that makes the vaccine useless? What if we vaccinate the whole population and a new strain comes along that the vaccine is not effective against? Do we have to revaccinate with a new tweaked vaccine?

Doesn’t bear thinking about.

We need to vaccinate the whole world quickly. The less virus the less mutation. The less chance of a new strain.

That means giving poor countries free vaccine and quick!!

Stay safe everyone. A lot of ends are nigh!!

2 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 289

  1. Opher, Worldometers is showing the South African death total as 30,524, not the 148 that you claim. I looked at the link you gave, and the data is from May 5th! Oops.

    And Germany had more COVID deaths today than the UK: 1,198 against 830. Is Merkel a populist?

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