The Corona Diaries – Day 285

I was back up to walking up my hill today for my consecutive 5 mile+ walk. It was brisk and cold but it didn’t rain! It’s good walking in the winter air but I much prefer warmth!

Back home I have been editing and playing Nick Harper’s first album. A great little album.

The rumour is that having failed to secure Jacinda Ardern to take over as PM we’ve been casting around. Unfortunately The Marx Brothers are all dead and the Goons are no more so they are approaching the surviving members of Monty Python. Eric Idle would make a great PM and John Cleese could be put in charge of schools. Michael Palin is the obvious man for the Foreign Office.

The increase in competence would prove astounding.

As we start the new year our hospitals are near to collapse. The new strain is affecting young people much more and is far more contagious. People are asking why the Nightingale hospitals are not being used. The answer is glaringly obvious – there are no staff!

We’ve had eleven years of Tory rule. The NHS was cut to the bone. The poor pay and inability to recruit from abroad created big staff shortages prior to the pandemic. The hostile environment, ironically run by the very English Priti Patel, has driven away thousands of highly able nurses and doctors. Add to that the deaths in the NHS and those who are sick or isolating and we have a crisis. Those who are left are out on their feet – coping on a daily basis with death and severely ill people.

Great planning guys – bring on the clowns!!

We are expecting a huge surge following Christmas and New Year. Some people show no common sense. They’ve been partying away. But I’m sure that Matt Hancock has it all under control. It’s a bit like Hancock’s Half Hour every day!! With Sid James flogging PPE at exorbitant rates to the NHS (or isn’t he a Tory?).

Gavin Williamson AKA Stan Laurel, has been given a much larger torch so that he can find his own backside. While some schools are being threatened with court if they shut others are threatened if they stay open. The teacher unions are threatening a strike over safety and Gavin is hopping around on one foot with the other foot in his mouth gibbering.

Gosh I’m so glad we’ve got competent government – not like those bloody Kiwis or Vietnamese!! No new cases or deaths there! That’s really not playing the game.

I feel sorry for Biden! There won’t be anybody left in America by the time he takes office!!

The vaccine is being rolled out! I can’t wait! The only problem is that it’s the same circus operation dealing with that operation as been involved with our wonderful pandemic response! PPE, Apps, moonshots, track and trace. Bloody hell – we’ve got no hope!!

Well – back to the editing. If I’m lucky I might finish it by tomorrow!

I’ll have a break in a bit to read a bit and tonight it looks like a few hours of drama on the TV – probably a new series of Bosch!

Stay safe. The clowns are in charge! They know what they are doing…………………………………..

12 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 285

  1. Bring on the clowns. As you say, eleven years of Tory rule, austerity, the NHS cut to the bone, poor pay and inability to recruit from abroad etc. has driven away thousands of able nurses and doctors.

    Something I find fascinating is when the subject is brought up in conversation with right-leaning friends, once upon a time we were immediately into an argument. However, now I detect an uncomfortable shift of subject. Not an acceptance that there might be some element of truth but a desire to not go down that road again. I would like to think we might have reached a point of agreement but I am not sure, it might simply be the glossing over of an uncomfortable fact.

    1. I too have detected a change of attitude in members of my Tory-loving family. They have lost faith in this incompetent rabble of clowns. I’m not sure that they could bring themselves to vote Labour though.
      We’ve got three years of spin ahead of us. We’ll just have to see if things get bad enough for the spin not to cut through.
      Starmer seems popular. They like a watered-down Tory better than the real thing.

  2. The Darn-Poor Rhymer responds (with apologies to William Blake):

    Opher, Opher, burning bright
    For the left, against the right!
    Don’t you know they’re just the same?
    Both want riches, power and fame.
    Disentangle warp and weft;
    There’s no woof ’twixt right and left.

      1. Well, I don’t see much difference between them, if any at all. Consider, for example:

        – both support the extreme green claptrap
        – both like to hype any crisis, real or imagined
        – both spy on us with cameras and intercept/monitor our Internet traffic
        – both are full of psychopaths: authoritarian, arrogant, dishonest, deceitful, untrustworthy, grasping, irresponsible, evasive of accountability, hypocritical, hysterical, and lacking in concern for us “little people.”

      2. But there is huge differences. While I would agree with most of what you say – obviously you are blind to the devastation we are causing – the effect on the ground is enormous. When Labour get in public services are properly funded and the poor better looked after. The Tories always cut taxes for the rich and cut public services and hit the poor. It’s a question of emphasis.

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