Brexit – A DEAL!!! Yippppeeee!!

Now we can read the small print to find out:

What we can no longer do

How much it’s going to cost us

How much unemployment it will be

How much extra red-tape there will be

How much more difficult it will be to travel

How much more difficult it’ll be to study abroad

What rights we’ve lost

Which ex-Eton millionaires are going to be making the laws

Who will be making millions out of it

How much our food bills will rise

What environment laws will be slashed

What workers’ rights will be lost

What food standards will be reduced

How long it takes to make trade deals elsewhere

How much extra it costs to ship stuff around the world instead of across the channel

Whether the UK will break up

How our security will be affected

How our alliances will be effected

How much sharing info on criminals will be affected

How many companies, or offices, will move abroad

How we will recreate all those things we were collaborating on

How much producing all those things on our own will cost

Whether it makes the EU unstable

Whether the British will be wiping bums or picking crops

Whether they’ll be a wage decrease

How the South will work as a lorry park

Whether the British public will enjoy being worse off

What the tabloid press will start spinning lies about now


But I guess we’ll never know. It’ll all be covered up in spin and covid-19.

A few things are clear:

It’s going to produce a lot more austerity

The poor will end up paying for it and the rich will get richer

A lot of firms will go out of business

The GDP will go down

Our status and influence will be less

Having a bunch of ex-Eton millionaires running the country will not make for a better system

Never mind!!

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