Trump creates a new bigger swamp!

He lied his way into power by saying he was going to deal with corruption – to drain the swamp.

Far from draining any swamp he has created a new swamp of his own. He has pardoned 45 people – liars, fraudsters and murderers. It seems all you have to do is support Trump and you’re OK.

If you oppose him you’re sacked.

What’s the definition of this swamp that he was going to drain? Was it corruption, backhanders, nepotism, cronyism and illegal activity?

By any measure that swamp has grown a hell of a lot bigger.

‘Adam Schiff, the chair of the House intelligence committee, tweeted on Tuesday night: “Lie to cover up for the president? You get a pardon. Corrupt politician who endorsed Trump? You get a pardon. Murder innocent civilians? You get a pardon. Elect a corrupt man as president? You get a corrupt result.”

‘So much for “drain the swamp” and “law and order”. Research by Jack Goldsmith, a law professor at Harvard University, found that 88% of the 45 pardons or commutations that Trump had granted before Tuesday helped someone personally associated with him or benefited him politically.’

So while Trump sits in his bunker raging against the election process and democracy, giving out orders to execute people will-nilly (he loves that power), exhorting his poor fanatical followers to send money into him, plotting how to overthrow Biden and democracy, and planning his come-back, he has taken the Presidency down to a new low.

History will show him to be the most corrupt President of all time. He has used the position to further himself and his family at the expense of the country.

That swamp grew so big it took in the whole Republican Party.

2 thoughts on “Trump creates a new bigger swamp!

  1. Did you see the interview with Mitt Romney? He said the man of the Republican Party want, if not T back next time, someone exactly like. He ended on a telling phrase, ‘There are not many left like me who want a president with character.’
    Hopefully 4 years will be enough to cool them off.distract them sufficiently/ for the Dems to come up with someone strong enough to take them on.
    That last bit is highly unlikely, though.

    1. It all started with the Tea Party. They have really gone nuts.
      I hope you are right. Four years might cool things down. Trump was an unmitigated disaster. But that sizeable minority – 42% – isn’t going anywhere. They are loonies.

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