The Corona Diaries – Day 269

Another bright sunny day in Yorkshire if a little damp and chilly. It was great to walk up on to the hills and look out over the green wintry landscape. I think that without my daily walks I would get pretty depressed.

Back home I’ve been playing some great Frank Zappa.

Out in Coronaland everything is going haywire. The rates in the USA (244,365 new cases with 3607 deaths) in Brazil (70,574 new cases with 936) and the UK (25,161 new cases with 612 deaths) are all greatly on the rise. It does not bode well for Christmas does it?

Neither Trump nor Bolsonaro seem to give a damn about the huge number of deaths. As long as they can make a lot of money and play golf they are fine.

There is a big battle going on in the UK. The politicians are hoping that allowing everyone to get back together for Christmas will make them look good and raise their popularity ratings. They are the good guys who want families to have a good time and see each other.

The scientists are looking at it with horror. They see millions of people crossing the country, taking the virus with them, and meeting up with their relatives and friends. They see covid trains and coaches, covid Christmases and covid meals and covid parties. Then all those people head off back having picked up the virus to take back to work or another bunch of friends. They look over to the USA and what is happening following Thanksgiving. Thousands are dying. You can measure the cost of Thanksgiving in tens of thousands of lives. They believe we will measure the cost of Christmas and New Year in tens of thousands. They are worried that the virus is out of control.

You see, if you get on top of it, with low numbers and good testing, tracking and tracing, you can contain it. In New Zealand and Vietnam there were no new cases yesterday and no deaths. They are doing it right.

In the UK, USA and Brazil, our clowns and pompous fools are making a mess of it. Their arrogance and complacency has killed hundreds of thousands of people.

Nevermind, we’ve got Brexit to look forward to!

All the best – stay safe!!

9 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 269

  1. Yes, Johnson has blown it, hasn’t he? He’s between rock and two hard places. If he locks down again before Christmas, he’s political toast. If he doesn’t, and the NHS doesn’t fall apart, that will show that the November lockdown was premature.
    If the NHS falls apart… well, that’s a third possibility. And that doesn’t even count the Brexit issues.

      1. Yes – it is what is being predicted – levelling off at about 11 billion. We need to get that down to a reasonable carrying capacity of around 4 billion. That would enable a good standard of living for all people and a sustainable future in which nature can flourish too.
        11 billion is far too many!

      2. Opher, I was talking about UK COVID cases, not population.

        But an interesting stat on the latter…

        At the start of the COVID epidemic, according to Our World in Data, the UK population was 67,886,004. Today, according to Worldometers, it is 68,051,351. That’s an overall increase of 165,347 in just less than a year – almost exactly two and a half times the COVID deaths figure of 66,052.

        Last I looked, the UK had 0.9% of the world population. If all the world had the same growth rate as the UK, that would come out to about 18.4 million per year worldwide. (Call that 20 million, because the period I looked at was 13 days short of a year). It would take a while to get from 8 to 11 billion at that speed! Which goes to show that, if there is a problem, it isn’t a Western problem.

      3. Neil – while the West does not have an increasing population (due to education, birth control, welfare and pensions) the Asian and African countries do (due to religion, ignorance, lack of education welfare and pensions). The problem affects us all so we have a vested interest in solving it. The West is responsible for the problem. They deliberately run the world for their own ends and exploit third world countries.
        I think our increase is probably due to immigration and immigrants. The fertility rate of all immigrants is higher than indigenous populations and takes time to bed into the same pattern.

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