The Corona Diaries – Day 268

A dull and cloudy day today. It did not deter me from taking my daily walk. I managed 12 kilometers. A little bit further than normal. I did a distanced walk with one of my friends. A chance to talk and discuss. I miss having a natter.

Having sorted the whole world out you should all start seeing an improvement soon!

Back home I’ve been playing some Kokomo Arnold and doing a bit of reading.

Life goes by in the sky nothing to do with you and I. A repetitive pattern. It’s getting boring.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland it is also more of the same.

I’m still boggled that Trump has the nerve to keep denying the election result. He’s got some front to carry on with his lies. He’s no fool. He’s just made half a billion and hoping to get in a lot more. The longer he can drag it out the better. It could be a billion by the time it’s through. He’s a real conman!

I’m even more boggled by the idiots who are sending the money in.

Here in the UK we’re in a wrangle over Christmas. They’ve relaxed the rules and are now beginning to panic. All those families crossing the country and meeting up. They know there’s going to be a big price to pay. We saw it with Thanksgiving in the US. The scientists are going berserk.

January should be interesting. A great splurge of new cases and deaths along with massive job losses due to Brexit. 2021 is sure going to start with a bang!

Nothing happens by chance. You reap what you sow.

That is obvious when you look at the table below.

In Vietnam there were prepared. They had strategies in place. As soon as the epidemic started up they shut the borders, brought in testing and monitored all people coming into the country and those showing symptoms. By getting on top of it from the beginning they controlled it. Only 35 deaths,

In New Zealand they took note of what was going on and did the same as Vietnam.

In the USA and Brazil they made very light of it, denied it was a problem and called it a hoax, fake news, a democratic plot, a small flu, offered bogus cures and told everyone to carry on as normal – result 304,000 and 183,000 deaths.

In the UK they ignored the 2017 Cygnus report, were unprepared with no stocks of PPE or chemicals for testing. They complacently watched as China, Italy and Spain started to suffer – and complacently did nothing. By the time it had taken off here it was too late. It was out of control and they still dithered. The borders weren’t shut. The NHS wasn’t prepared. There was no testing or tracking. Result – 64,908 deaths!

The differences are due to leadership – nothing else!

CountryNew Cases yesterdayDeaths yesterdayTotal Deaths
The USA201,6492957304,000
New Zealand3025

Stay safe!!

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