Trump Dumped!!

The farcical Texas challenge was chucked out by the Supreme Court as Trump flounders in his own false accusations.

The deluded fool either does not understand what happened with the postal votes or he’s just trying to rile up his gullible base!

I think it’s the latter. He is trying to overthrow democracy!!

The fake news continues to flow from his mouth and fingers!

Trump falsely claims he won election ‘in a landslide’

Donald Trump has made three false claims in a single tweet wrongly claiming he won the election. 

As well as that, the US president wrongly said the non-victory was a “landslide”, and falsely asserted there was “fake voters” and fraud “everywhere”. 

More than 50 lawsuits attempting to demonstrate these claims has been roundly rejected by US courts across the country.

SHAME on all the REPUBLICAN GOP who are going along with this farce and reinforcing his dangerous game!

My it rebound on them big time.

2 thoughts on “Trump Dumped!!

  1. Tubularsock believes that Trump has no thought that he win this election. The entire bull shit he is running is only to “bleed” as many dollars from his base as he can before he leaves office and beyond.

    The guy knows how to run a scam. It has been his lifelong skill.

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