The Corona Diaries – Day 264

A rainy morning in Yorkshire and I was working outside putting new gates up. I became very wet and cold.

Indoors I warmed up with a blast of Pink Floyd from 1967! Good for the heart!

I managed a bit of editing before heading off up my hill. It’s about a five mile walk with a bit of up and down. Not so much fun in winter as it was in the summer though it can be interesting. I’m not tending to see as much in the way of wildlife. Perhaps that’s just that the traffic’s back?

It looks like America is in real trouble as new cases soar to a record 280,514 yesterday with another day of 2951 deaths. That’s terrible. It is really out of control. With Christmas coming and people travelling and getting together it is going to go berserk.

So much for a hoax. Trump, who had a whole team of doctors, telling everyone not to be frightened of the virus. Well there’s another 3000 people who maybe should have been a lot more frightened than they were!

So good to hear that Trump’s latest ploy to steal the election, the Texas plea to throw out all the democrat votes, has been unceremoniously chucked out by the Supreme Court. I think that as he’d loaded the court with his own people he really thought that they’d ignore the law and back him! Thankfully they didn’t.

I wonder what ploy he’ll try now to undermine democracy? He’s all the makings of a tyrant! I notice he’s trying to kill off as many as possible. As if Coronavirus isn’t bad enough he’s sending a bunch of people to the electric chair.

Let’s hope that when the probes into his business deals and tax fraud is done he gets what he deserves!!

In Brazil Bolsonaro is encouraging more burning of the rainforest. Another despot and environmental vandal that needs a spot of justice – his ‘just a little flu’ killed another 672 yesterday and the new cases went up to 54,428. There is no justice! He’s busy lining his pockets too.

Here in the UK our clown is dragging the country towards a No Deal Brexit – a loss of billions, a blow to GDP and a loss of 300,000 jobs. Just what we need in the midst of a pandemic. These Brexiteers are the most extreme nationalists. They just want little Britain at any cost but you can bet your life they won’t be paying for it. That’ll be us!

Our Covid levels are worryingly rising steeply just before Christmas as our death-rate remains high at 424.

We’ve lost nearly twice as many yesterday as New Zealand has done in the whole pandemic!

Appalling management!! New Zealand had no new cases yesterday and haven’t had a death for weeks.

With our incompetent bunch of clowns how are we going to be able to get millions vaccinated? Oven-ready vaccines? World-beating jabs? Or is it more of their incompetent chums who’ve never done it before?

Stay safe!

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