Poetry – Where the Earth stands still

Where the Earth stands still

I reached the point where the Earth stood still

And listened to the sun

Stars tumbled through the sky

Time belonged to everyone

Beliefs steal the mystery

In which the deeds are done

They steal the life from out your dreams

And reduce the choice to one

I lay within the long grass

Staring into the sky

And fell into the universe

With the swirling question why

  • Opher

One day as a child I lay in the long grass as the insects buzzed around me and the hot sun shone down on my face. I had a long stem of grass in my mouth which I was chewing on and stared up into the deep blue sky.

For the first time ever I began to think about that sky. My eyes penetrated through the blue and kept going. With a rush like vertigo I realised that there really was not an end. I was peering towards a sky that had no end. It sent me dizzy. I felt as if I was falling into it. The whole world around me receded and all that existed was the blue sky. I was falling into it at the speed of light and it did not end.

It had a profound effect on me. It shook the boundaries of my existence.

I had lived my short life in a finite world and now I would have to get used to an infinite universe.

Nothing was ever the same…

Nothing was ever…….

Nothing was ………… Nothing.

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