The Corona Diaries – Day 263

I’m in danger of dying of repetition!! These daily patterns are unending. I must confess – I thought I would have caught the virus long ago and be writing in these diaries about the symptoms and how it was all going. That has not been the case. So far we are virus free. I suppose that isn’t surprising. We have taken very few risks. We don’t even go shopping. It’s all home deliveries. The only people we’ve seen have been outside.

So far my older son, his wife and three children have had it, my younger sister, her husband and eldest son have had it, our neighbours brother-in-law died of it and we hear tales of a number of friends. Acquaintances in York had two deaths in their family.

It’s out there. I don’t want to get it.

Today started with rain. I took my walk later. The fog was around and trees looked spooky in the twilight! All you could hear was crows cawing. But it was good!

I came back and played some Jimi Hendrix very loud!

Nature has been great this year – it’s helped keep me sane-ish.

Outside in Coronaland it’s far from sane – in fact it’s absolutely nuts!

Even after all this time Trump is still having a hissy fit about the election and making up all sorts of lies to inflame his base. The sooner we’re rid of his the better. The latest is some crazy scheme to chuck out all the postal votes as illegitimate and overturn the election.

It seems a large chunk of the Republican Party has lost all vestiges of morality and are backing this ludicrous proposal. Because Trump has loaded the Supreme Court he thinks he owns them. He thinks he can make them do anything he wants.


He lost by 8 million votes! If the Supreme Court did do what he wants it’s completely goodbye to democracy.

We all know that politicians lie, but at least there has always been some semblance of honour. When they lose they bow out gracefully – not lie, cheat and try every dirty trick in the book.

He’s a conman he needs locking up!

Instead of wasting his time conniving he should be dealing with the crisis that is rampaging through America!! Another 223,570 new cases yesterday! Another 2923 deaths!! This is a growing disaster. With Christmas coming it is going to get worse. Why isn’t he up there telling people to be careful?? It’s like he’s encouraging them to kill themselves.

America, The UK and Brazil, each with it’s arrogant populist dunce in charge are all suffering greatly! Brazil had another 770 deaths yesterday and the UK another 516 deaths!

It doesn’t have to be like that. With good leadership and strategies you can keep on top of it! There are a whole list of countries with hardly any cases and hardly any deaths – they include Australia, Brunei, Monaco, Fiji, Thailand, Trinidad, Iceland, Somalia, Haiti, Singapore and Samoa.

If they can do it why can’t we? I know the answer to that!

We were arrogant, complacent, unprepared, useless, without strategies and did not do the right things.

There’s no excuse. We had plenty of warning. We have known one was coming for decades. We’ve had SARS, MERS,HIVE, Ebola, Swine Flu, Bird Flu – how many more warnings did we need?

If a country like Vietnam of 96 million people, crowded cities and poverty, can get away with just 35 deaths in total why can’t we? We’re getting more than that every single hour!

New Zealand has only 4 new cases and no deaths. They only have 350 deaths total! America exceeds that in an hour!

They were prepared. They had their strategies sorted out. They shut down borders. They tested. They stockpiled. They isolated. People took notice. They are now back to normal with undamaged economies.

If poor countries can do it then rich ones should be able to do even better! Except we elected populist morons! Incompetent, arrogant, lazy and ignorant!

In the UK the levels are rising again. We’re still not on top of it. Our ‘world-beating’ track and trace is spluttering. Now we’re heading for Christmas and the New Year where everyone will be mingling!

I predict they’ll be a lot less people to have to vaccinate next year!

Now the virus is rising in the South they might start taking more action. It’s not just northerners dying! Perhaps they’ll get a T&T that works?

Until the vaccine – Stay Safe!!

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