The Corona Diaries – Day 260

Phew!!! Still not ill!! 260 days in and still isolated (apart from picking up the paper from the shop and buying a bit of chocolate!) Wine and food comes regularly to the door. All other needs are satisfied on line.

I’ve watched a hell of a lot of drama on TV! Read some books and written some!!

Today I walked up my hill. My breath came out in puffs of smoke. The hills were misty. The light shone in a twilight.

Back home I’m cleaning my den. I’ve been working here nonstop and it was getting very cluttered, grimy and smelly!! It’s now tidier, cleaner and still smelly!

While I cleaned and tidied I was playing some Beefheart really loud – great music for cleaning!!

I’m trying to free a bit of time for editing! We’ll see. My taskmaster is pretty tough!

Out in Coronaland we’ve started to vaccinate. I hear Russia is vaccinating but I haven’t heard of anywhere else. We’re the guinea pigs! Not that it worries me. I don’t mind vaccination. It’s saved billions of lives! The sooner the better as far as I’m concerned.

In the US it is good to see that the lying ass Giuliani has gone down with the disease and is in hospital. Serves him right. So much for all this non wearing of masks or distancing! You get what you do! Trump, having lost all his unbased lawsuits is stopping Biden from attending the vaccine conference. It was fun to see that the top vaccine companies were boycotting Trump’s do and attending one with Biden!! Ha Ha!!

Trump an Giuliani need locking up!! Another 202,268 new cases yesterday with 1522 more deaths!! That’s appalling!!

Here in the UK we have flat lined on 14,718 new cases and deaths are coming down – 376. We’ve still got a long way to go to catch up to Vietnam and New Zealand with 7 new cases between them and no deaths. They make our leaders and strategies look pathetic. But then we are being led by a giant orange narcissistic conman and a gormless clown! What do you expect??

To add to the chaos to the economy created by their mismanagement of Covid we have our oven-ready, easiest deal in the world Brexit coming up! I don’t remember them telling us that it was going to cost us countless billions, laden us with masses of bureaucracy, reduce our options, slow everything down, cause massive queues, make a carpark out of the South, put millions of people out of work, drive firms abroad, shut down firms, put up the prices, make it hugely expensive and difficult to travel and make it ridiculously difficult to work or study abroad? Instead of the EU we get the joy of being ruled by an Eton buffoon and a bunch of snooty millionaires!! Sounds great! Good choice Britain. What were the benefits again????

Well at least the vaccination has started and we might be able to look forward to a more normal year! It’ll take a few months but……………………….

Stay safe everyone!!

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