4 thoughts on “The British Press – the scandal of our Tabloid Press. Who reads this Tory propaganda???

  1. The bollox these Tory-promoting rags conjure up fills me the urge to defecate.

    Perhaps a better question to ask is what sort of people read these spin-spewing papers, and why do they bother!??

    I see Australia are keen to diminish the political influence of the Murdoch empire. Perhaps other countries should follow their lead and also set about cleaning up Dodge City.


    1. Quite agree Dewin. We need to eradicate this garbage! But the Tories love it. They have a vested interest. It promotes them. Without this propaganda they’d never get elected!

  2. Opher, cut them some slack! I thought “Science boosts Boris… just don’t let our clown leaders muck it up now” was one of the better oxymorons (or should that be oxymora?) I’ve seen.

    As to Dewin’s question “What sort of people read these papers?” my answer is: Only those whose minds have already been corrupted by them.

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