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Poetry -Farther from my Mother


Farther from my Mother

My mother is an artist

Swirling hues for all to see

My father is a poet

Whose depths are mystery

Mother, I am born from your fluids

I caress your skin

Father, I feel your breath

Your warmth touches my within

My mother is so close

Her secrets weave my clothes

My father is so distant

His wonders no one knows

Mother, I know your touch

As you tumble through the years

Father, I glimpse you from afar

As you humble all my fears

I stand between

As you caress

Your union sings

Through your green dress

I would wish you proud

Of your wild child

Yet shame and sorrow

Are reconciled

For you must watch

As we mature

And trust we make it

Through this year

Opher 3.2.00

We are born from the primordial sea.

Our planet lives in the atmosphere of the sun and its breath gives us life.

We are in the goldilocks zone.

Water is the medium we evolved in. Sunlight is the nutrient that gave us photosynthesis and hence oxygen.

Our mother planet holds us in the embrace of her gravitational arms.

Our father sun sends us light and heat to melt the water and create the green.

Out of this union comes life and out of life we have evolved imagination. It is good to deliver a paean of thanks.

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