The Corona Diaries – Day 237

It rained this morning but this afternoon was gorgeous. I walked up my hill in bright sunshine. Apart from being colder it was like summer.

The winter crops are starting to grow, other fields are freshly ploughed. The agriculture industry has finished its harvest and preparing for winter.

The trees have almost all lost their leaves. I saw a stoat yesterday – the first since summer. It looked glorious.

Back home I’ve been writing and playing some Lightnin’ Hopkins.

It’s been a good day.

Out in Coronaland things are looking good. With Cummings gone the air feels fresher. With Trump going it is already starting to look less gloomy. The world can look forward to a better future. The USA will be back in the Paris Accord, science will be funded, the environmental legislation will be put back in, sustainable energy will be funded. The difference will be enormous. Trump will soon fade into a bad nightmare, an aberration.

Who knows? Maybe soon Johnson and Bolsonaro will be gone?? Then Erdogan and Modi??

We can dream.

In the USA Trump is still sulking out on the golf course and trying vainly to stir up trouble, out waving to his lunatics. As the virus goes berserk with another 159,021 new cases and 1210 deaths. He is trying to kill more Americans than all the wars combined. At this rate he’ll do it easily. What a callous fool. But hey – he’s alright!!

In the UK we’re still going at 26,860 new cases yesterday, despite lockdown with another 462 deaths. Who were those people saying it was a weaker strain? Johnson is on his own now that Cummings has jumped ship. He’s left to carry the can and explain why we’re worst in the world!

With a decent government we could have been like Vietnam (no new cases or deaths) or New Zealand (3 new cases no deaths). But we’ve got a clown with a bunch of twats.

Never mind – we’ll be back to normal for next winter! Only a year to go!

Stay safe!!

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