Poetry – Disaster


The virus to spreading

                Out of control.

There is no antidote,

No vaccine.

It kills everything in its path.

Never has such

                A virulent strain

Mutated into existence;

                So lethal,

                So deadly,

So destructive to everything.

Never has a virus

                Threatened so many

Forcing extinctions


                To end

All life on the planet.

It is us.

It is us.

Opher – 13.11.2020

Life is tenuous and fragile.

It came into being just once.

It took billions of years to mutate into the wondrous myriad of forms we now have.

It has suffered 5 mass extinction events that threatened to wipe out all life on this planet. Usually as a result of an asteroid. A catastrophe.

We are the sixth.

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