Yet – Roy Harper – a Poem

Thanks to Andy Seager who sent me a copy through.

Yet – Roy Harper – a Poem

I’m alright Jack saves his face

His tabloid keeps his soul,

Papers over any trace

Of an outside world

The magic headlines foul the air

With verbal diarrhoea

The lingo of the sole routine of nowhere

The system has him by the balls

He struggles to be free

But all he knows is animal

And pecking hierarchy

Right on time his hackles climb

Then lead him unaware

Into the gaping sole routine

Of nowhere and nowhere else, nowhere else

So tragic that this heart of hearts

This font of truth

And finest thoughts permitted

Nowhere else

The faces on the hooks of hell

Strung out on desolation

Lie scattered in the haunted shell

Of hypodermic heaven

The dispossessed, the great unwashed

The debris of despair

All bred to bear

The sole routine of nowhere

I can’t believe a promised land

With propaganda thugs

Reminding me of why I’m cloned

I’d rather have the drugs

To block my brain out

Rip my guts out

Tear my name to shreds

Than give in to the sole routine of nowhere and nowhere else

And nowhere else except the concrete jungle

With the savage acquisition

Fit for grasping lust

For one last bit of plastic credit

Streaming shit into the pit

Of nowhere else

And yet………

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