The Corona Diaries – Day 235

The sun was shining. The sky was deep blue. It was cold.

I walked up my hill humming to myself. Not only have we got rid of Trump but Cummings is going too!! The whole world is looking brighter. I think I can feel a poem coming – The Sleazebag and the Weasel! I’ll have a work on that later!!

It is good to hear the way the right-wing propaganda machine is pumping out crap.

It appears that 45 million Trump ballots were recently discovered in a crater on the Moon.

80 million Trump ballots were discovered on the International Space Station.

Add them together and he easily won!

It’s a bit worrying to think of his rampaging around in the Whitehouse with access to the nuclear button, replacing all the military hierarchy with loonies. What damage could he do in the next two months?? In the middle of a hissy fit he could nuke California!!

Back home I’ve been listening to a bit of Sleepy John Estes and writing. Feeling good. I was really out of sorts yesterday.

Meanwhile, in Coronaland, the government is imploding as usual. Following Lee Cain we now have Dominic Cummings. Johnson will be in a mess. He can’t think for himself. The lead clown will have to lead and he is a loose cannon. Anything could happen. The circus is collapsing. Brexit is looming. The pandemic is raging. The invisible clown has all his crew jumping ship!! Looks like Carrie Symonds is running the joint now!!

Where we live was the worst area for covid in the UK. For once it is not good to be number one! It would be a bit tragic to get really ill with it just when the vaccine is in sight!

There are concerns the the fake news, USA antivaxxers, are making intrusions into the UK. A lot of people are believing the conspiracy theories. We’re being injected with implants! The vaccine is lethal. It causes cancer and autism!


Some people will believe anything.

The real worry is that all this false science undermines the efforts to solve the crisis. If people don’t get vaccinated then we do not get herd immunity and we are lumbered with the virus and all the disruption it causes. Personally I don’t want to be isolated for the rest of my life. Get bloody vaccinated!!

In the USA yesterday there were a staggering 163,402 new cases with 1,172 more deaths. We’re getting blasé. ONE THOUSAND ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY TWO people died yesterday!! That’s a quarter of all the soldiers killed in Iraq!!! In one single day!!

Trump has let the virus go berserk! Telling people not to fear it, not to wear masks or social distance. There are going to be a lot more deaths. By the time he’s out of office his gullible base might be severely reduced!!

It’s not much better over here. Even with lockdown we’ve zoomed up to another 33,470 cases with 563 deaths. Trump-light Johnson is almost as inept and Bolsonaro is presiding over another 33,207 new cases and 906 more deaths – in a single day!!

We are being ruled by ignorant cretins!!!

In Vietnam there was 1 new case and no deaths.

In New Zealand there were 4 new cases and no deaths.

These things don’t happen by chance!! They are the result of preparation and strategy. New Zealand and Vietnam were properly prepared and took the necessary steps. We were unprepared, too slow, totally inept and stupid.

But hey, the people voted sleazeballs and clowns into power. What do you expect??

Stay safe – only a few more months to go!! (well, maybe six).

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