Poetry – Living in harmony

Living in harmony

One day a virus will come

And kill everyone.

We act like fools,

Obnoxious ghouls,

Invading paradise

Blowing it to kingdom come.

We’ve been treating animals wrong

For far too long.

Tearing down the trees,

Breeding like fleas

Becoming an ever-increasing throng.

Arrogant beyond all belief,

A strutting thief,

Rampaging around

Like drunken clowns.

Filling the world with grief.

We should treat nature with respect,

Not abuse and neglect.

Cherishing the beauty

From love not duty.

It’s time for us to reflect.

Opher – 11.11.2020

We are busy slaughtering our way around the planet, carelessly clearing habitat, butchering animals and treating the place like a rubbish dump.

We increase in numbers, chop down the forests, change the climate and kill everything in sight and have no sense of responsibility.

We’ve lost our connection. We no longer have the harmony. Nature has become an enemy to tame.

We are creating a plastic/concrete hell while mindlessly and systematically dismantling nature – the fantastic web that gives us life.

We must be mad.

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