The Corona Diaries – Day 233

It was overcast today. I went for a walk up my hill with my friend Nick. We talked a lot – everything from vaccination to Trump! That was good

Back home I set to doing some writing and, amazingly completed the first draft of the book! – 58,000 words 190 pages! I’ve just started the second draft.

I’m feeling very weary!

Outside in Coronaland the excitement is building! A vaccine is on the horizon with a few worries concerning mutating viruses in mink farms in Denmark.

Sounds to me that this might be a good time to put a stop to all wet markets, killing and transport of wild animals and the keeping of animals in cruel conditions!

Haven’t we evolved away from this cruelty? Do we really need mink fur trim? Does that really justify keeping these poor creatures locked up inhumanely in tiny wire cages?

Time to change.

Animals are as conscious as we are. They feel pain.

Sometimes I think we deserve a far worse virus (I’m sure one will come) – we behave so stupidly and wickedly. We have no compassion or empathy for the suffering we are causing.

Two million poor mink – just for fur trim.

Trump is leaving his surly legacy – 139,855 new cases is a record as is 1448 deaths! Trumpism kills!

In Brazil there were another 23,976 cases and they’ve stopped recording the deaths. Bolsonaro is the South American Trump!

In the UK with have Trump-light Johnson – another 20,412 new cases and deaths soar to 532! We’re the first in Europe to exceed 50,000 deaths!!

Vietnam has a big surge – they zoomed up to 26 new cases – and no deaths.

In New Zealand they had just one new case and no deaths. Couldn’t we buy Jacinda??? It would be a hell of a lot cheaper that all the money the government is wasting!

Meanwhile the extremists are having a field day. They are using the web to radicalise a whole new generation. Conspiracy theories are rife. Trump and his minions are putting out a ton a day!

This pandemic is really showing up the North South divide. As long as the worst hit are in the north everything is hunky dory. The poverty and poor standards are being emphasised by government policy. It’ll carry on right up until they need votes.

But – hang in there – a vaccine is coming. By May we will be back to normal!! They just haven’t said which year!

Stay safe.

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