The Corona Diaries – Day 230

I was a little late going out on my walk today. It was still a bit foggy. It was warm though. The undergrowth was soggy and lank with an occasional blue cranesbill flower, pink red campion and white dead nettle hanging on. The birds were heading off to roost, everywhere was coated in a misty haze. My feet squelched in the mud as I walked. I couldn’t see too far across the fields. Hedgerows and skeletal trees just visible through the fog. I quite enjoyed it.

This morning I’ve been writing and playing a bit of Beatles. They were so good and still sound brilliant.

Out in Coronaland Trump is hanging on despite the fact that there are another 126,156 new cases as a direct result of his ineptitude. Another 1013 people have died yesterday. I reckon that if we had another four years of him there wouldn’t be anybody left!

In the UK we are vying with Brazil for second placed nincompoop. The UK has another 24,957 new cases with 413 deaths and Brazil had another 23,976 new cases.

Vietnam had a great day – no new cases and no deaths. But New Zealand had a terrible one. Their number of new cases zoomed to six! Trump probably surpassed that in his own entourage!!

The three stooges – Trump, Bolsonaro and Johnson. Well we’ve got rid of Trump. Now how do we rid ourselves of the other two clowns??

I was pondering the reason given for not allowing all those without underlying health issues who are under sixty being allowed to go back to normal. Despite the fact that they are not personally greatly at risk, it is deemed impossible to properly shield everyone who is vulnerable if the infection rate is high. There would be over six million people requiring shielding.

I think I can see that.

It is why the invisible man should be out there every day explaining instead of hiding away!!

What with extended furloughs and lockdowns my euphoria at Trump getting kicked out is already beginning to fade.

Stay safe everybody.

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