The Corona Diaries – Day 228

It was foggy this morning. i walked up my hill with ghostly skeletal trees looming out of the mist. It was clammy and chilly. The sun broke though. The harvest of the corn was complete. Winter is not far off.

Still feeling a bit lethargic. The Corona blues is setting in. It is very sapping. I think it is the constant tension.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland – the USA election continues its fiasco. Looks like Biden (thank heavens) though Trump is having big hissy fits. He’ll probably nuke California in order to wipe out their seats. The man is power-mad. Biden is on the cusp.

Trump is a disaster. The sooner he’s gone the better! His incompetence with last for some time to come – 121,504 new cases yesterday are testimony to his mismanagement. 1,108 new deaths yesterday – probably a legacy of his silly mass rallies!!

Now we can focus on global warming, alternative energy, and stopping this made destruction of nature.

Trump going is the start. People the world over have had enough of these inept populist fools – Johnson, Bolsonaro and Erdogan need to follow!!

Here in the UK we have another 24,138 new cases with deaths rising to 378. We’re in lockdown, due to dithering and incompetence.

Meanwhile in Brazil another 23,976 new cases and 456 deaths. Another incompetent fool.

Both Vietnam and New Zealand had just one new case each and 0 deaths. They seem to know what they are doing!!

So we wait in lockdown as the scientists work on a new vaccine. Hopefully, that will materialise for the new year!! We’ll see!

In Denmark there are new fears – an outbreak of a mutated virus sends out waves of panic. 200 people are infected. The new mutation might invalidate the vaccine if it gets out.

When will we learn??? Farming wild animals in cruel conditions and hunting in remote regions, killing wild things – it is incredibly nasty and dangerous. We need to stop it. We certainly don’t need fur and we do not need to kill things.

This is a wake up call!! We do not seem to be listening.

Stay safe!!

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