The Corona Diaries – Day 226

It was a bright sunny day as for our last day before the new lockdown starts tomorrow, so we went to the seaside! We walked along the front at Brid. It was delightful! The sun shone on the white cliffs, the town gleamed and the turnstones flocked around us!! Stunning!!

Back home I’ve been playing some John Renbourn (such a nice guy) and writing. All is good.

Tomorrow we go into lockdown!! It’s going to be more challenging in the cold and wet but it won’t make that much difference to us. We have been isolating anyway for 226 days!!

These idiotic politicians are acting too late again! They should have had a circuit-break a few weeks back when the numbers were lower. They could have got on top of it then. They could have shut everything for two weeks over half-term when the kids were off. The kids would only have missed five days then! Now there’s a lot more virus around and we’re going to be locked down for longer.

Some of their measures do not make sense. Why are we not allowed to play golf or tennis outside?? They couldn’t be much more socially distanced. They could shut changing rooms and club houses. But really?? There seems no scientific reason.

Why isn’t our invisible clown up there every day explaining the policies and spelling it out???

‘You are not allowed indoors at pubs and restaurants because the virus lives in droplets you breath out. They hang in the air inside buildings. You cannot keep them covid safe.’ He won’t because a lot of the measures (as with golf and tennis and 10.00 pm shutdowns, have no scientific basis! They don’t know what they are doing!! If he tried to spell it out he’d fall on his face – and he’s done that a few times, hasn’t he?

They missed their chance. In the Summer he could have insisted that all pubs and restaurants operated on an outside only policy. That would have been much safer. It was warm enough. Councils could have pedestrianized and enabled shops and eating places to operate outside. They could have reduced it right down. Then, with a reasonable Track and Trace, border controls and sufficient testing, we could have eradicated it just like New Zealand has done. We’re a bloody island!!

Instead – today we are going up – another 20,018 new cases today with 379 deaths. Johnson is determined to overtake Brazil in the competition for most inept populist leader – Brazil has another 11,843 new cases with another 243 deaths. Johnson wins today!! But the real dunce is Trump. The USA is soaring at 92,660 with another 1,130 deaths. And a lot of people still voted for the moron!! They must like brash ignorance and stupidity.

But then Frank Zappa said – ‘The only thing more common than hydrogen in the universe is stupidity’. They are proving it!!

Looks today as if the election is on a knife-edge. I reckon Biden will just shade it. it could spark big trouble either way.

Meanwhile, the countries that know what they are doing – Vietnam and New Zealand continue to show up our numbskull politicians. Neither had any deaths. New Zealand had 3 new cases and Vietnam ten new cases. Makes us look as stupid as the people we elect.

To leave on a couple of pieces of good news – it looks like the new saliva test (with a quick thirty minute result) is going to be out soon. That could be a game-changer. Then there is the prospect of a vaccine in the next five or six weeks. Something to look forward too!

Normality by next year? Unlikely with this mob in charge!! But…………

Stay safe!!

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