Poetry – Outside Eden

Outside Eden

Inside Eden

                All was well

Life was easy

                Food was free

We were sold the lie

                Grow your own

Give up your freedom

                Be controlled

Welcome to society

                The hierarchy

Of inequality

                Toil and profanity

It set in motion

                The power and the greed

Religion and kings

                War and destruction

Opher – 3.11.2020

Once we were hunter gatherers. Life was easy. Life was part of nature, in harmony with the land. We developed our skills. We were fulfilled. We had purpose.

It all changed.

We were seduced by agriculture. We developed systems. We toiled. We built cities. We had heaps of possessions. We invented religions, money, kings, nations and theft. We invented work. We increased in numbers. We lost our spirit. We lost our purpose. We lost our place in nature.

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