The Corona Diaries – Day 216

It was a beautiful sunny day today. In the morning I stayed in, worked on my Harper book, played some Ralph McTell and was busy.

In the afternoon we drove ove to Sutton Bank and the white horse on the hill, met up with my daughter, her partner and two of our grandchildren. It was a little chilly but the sun shone on us. We did a bit of a walk, had a look at the white horse, played conkers and jacks and came home.

Strange times without hugs! It feels artificial, weird – not right.

It leaves me wondering. Why don’t we know the answers to so many questions?

What percentage of the population have had the disease?

For different age groups and risk factors what are the percentage risks of:-


Serious illness requiring hospitalisation???

Developing long-covid???

What percentage are asymptomatic??

What are the risks when meeting outside?? Inside???

What is the risk from food deliveries??? From food??? From newspapers???

What is the risk from public toilets??? From shops??

What are the vulnerable conditions?? How bad does asthma have to be?? Diabetes??? Heart conditions??? Cancer???

Do masks work???

What’s the news on vaccines?? Is it likely one will be effective??? When might it be available?? What about the antivaxxers?? Will they put us at risk???

I feel that if I was given detailed information I would be in a position to make sound judgements. Right now I don’t know if we are being too cautious or not cautious enough.

This length of time in these unreal situations has a wearying effect.

The USA recorded its second highest number of new cases – 79,852 new cases, hospitals barely coping and deaths 871. Freedom to do what you want sure kills a lot of people!! MAGA – Make Americans Ghosts Again!!

In the UK – we’ve shot up to 23,012 new cases with 174 deaths. It’s getting out of control and Track and Trace is simple not working.

Vietnam – that place with cities teeming with people and a population of 96 million – 8 new cases and no deaths.

Pick up the phone Johnson and Trump, don’t be shy, don’t be too arrogant, ask them what they are doing right and what you are doing so very wrong!!

Take care everybody!! Remember not to shake hands with politicians – ever!!

2 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 216

  1. Some very good questions, Opher. I suspect the reason we don’t get any answers is that armed with those answers, many people (not just you and I!) would call bullshit on the whole thing. I’m already coming to the tentative conclusion that all the lockdowns, mask-wearing and all that crap are just window-dressing. If they have any effect at all, it’s a lot less than we have been led to believe. The virus, basically, just does what it wants to do. That would mean, though, that the virus is seasonal – something I had not expected. And the reason the first wave subsided when it did was simply summer and better weather.

    As to the Vietnamese, I can tell you what they have done – the main thing being that they closed the borders completely from late March to late June, and have been banning arrivals from high-risk places since the beginning of February (and still are). Even better, I’ll e-mail you my spreadsheet that lists all the COVID measures taken by national governments; it’s a few weeks out of date, but it should enable you to have a good browse.

    1. There is certainly a seasonal component. The sunlight and heat seem effective in destroying it. Proximity and indoor droplets also play a big part.
      What they are trying to do is slow it so that it doesn’t overwhelm the NHS. They are just making a pig’s ear of it. Closing the borders was crucial as is Track and Trace. We’ve been hopeless.
      I’d be interested to see that document Neil.
      All the best – I hope you’re out walking again!

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