The Corona Diaries – Day 214

It was cold today. I retrieved my scarf and gloves for the first time since last Spring. It drizzled on us as we went up our hill.

I collected some of the last conkers. We’re seeing two of our grandchildren this weekend. I taught them how to play conkers. We’ve got marbles, jacks and flicksies still to go!

Back home I’ve been playing a bit of Johnny ‘Guitar’ Watson and writing my Harper book. All good stuff.

Out in Coronaland the knives are being sharpened. The majority now believe the government has done a shoddy job with the virus and a big majority of 70% believe that Brexit was a mistake. I think Johnson will (rightly) get the blame. All his world-beating and oven-ready bullshit will come home to roost. He’s a cheerleader who is not on the ball. He’s out of his depth.

As he dithers about we go from bad to worse. There are reported to be another 21,238 new cases yesterday – but they estimate the real number is 35,200 new cases. With the R value between 1.2 and 1.4 that means that every ten people who get it pass it on to 12 or 14 others.

Meanwhile, our world-beating Track and Trace system falls below 60% and is deemed useless!

Johnson is in trouble.

In the USA it’s even worse for Trump. He’s badly behind in the polls and the virus is soaring – more than 75,040 new cases yesterday with 828 deaths.

His poor example is killing people!!

In Brazil it’s the same – another 24,858 new cases with 497 deaths.

The three CHUMPS have killed more people than all the recent wars put together!

Vietnam – 4 new cases and 0 deaths – shows what can be achieved.

Stay safe!!

4 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 214

    1. What? You are not a convert? That is because you have never had the joy of the contest – a duel to the death! To own a twentyer! The joy!

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